Thursday, October 6, 2011

Taking my Mordrak list to 1850

All right I have been playing my Mordrak list exclusively at 1500 points as of late. For whatever reason all the tournaments lately have been 1500 points. The one coming up at the end of this month is 1850 however and I am looking to take my 1500 point list to 1850. My 1500 list is:
Mordrak + 3 Ghost Knights w/Halberds
Librarian w/Homer, Rift, Shrouding, Sanctuary & Might
5 Termies 4 w/Halberds 1 w/Hammer Psycannon
10 Man Strike Squad Halberd 2 x Psycannon Psybolt Ammo
Storm Raven w/TLLC & TLMM
Dreadnought w/ 2 x TLAC & Psybolt Ammo
Dread Knight w/Great Sword & Heavy Incinerator
My 1500 point list has been doing great going 9-1 at the last three tournies. (Would be undefeated by I had a cranial - rectal inversion in my last game.) Now I could just add some purifiers or some more dreads but I don't like spamming units and am trying to actually have some theme to my army. I envision this list as a planetary assault force led by Mordrak. Everything either needs to deep strike in or ride in a Raven. Thus only one dread. I could put purifiers in the Raven but that is usually the command group's ride. I very rarely deep strike Mordrak and his men. Thus I am left with a couple of options either more termies, strikes or interceptors. After thinking about it I am going to add a ten man squad of interceptors. My reasons are 1) they actually can move fast which other than the raven everything is very slow in my army once it lands. 2) I can make them scoring if I need to using the grand strategy and 3) If I do deep strike Mordrak first turn their 30" move allows them to support his group.
All right I will have a ten man squad with justicar w/hammer and 2 x psycannons. Here is where I could use some opinions. I have 60 points left over after this. I have come up with two trains of thought on how to use these. The first is give the interceptors psybolt ammo and add a heavy psycannon to the knight or give Mordrak another buddy. I like this because it makes my two big squads have strength 5 stormbolters which are good for applying wounds to meqs and mowing down horde orks (which we seem to have a lot of around here). I could go either way on the extra termie or the heavy psycannon I will have to get some practice in to see which I like better.
The second option is to drop the psybolt ammo on the strikes and add a personal teleporter to the Knight. I would probably tack the other five points on to the strikes to get their justicar a hammer. I like this idea because it gives me another fast unit to complement the interceptors. Plus I could also use this with the interceptors and a first turn Mordrak deep strike to really put some pressure on an enemies weak spot or flank. Three units basically deep striking in with out deviating could really put a crimp in an opponent's plans and put him on the defensive. If am able to give the knight and the interceptors scout I could basically move 42" on the first turn and lay a lot of shooting on my opponent plus they would then have a bunch of angry silver men to deal with on the next turn. Coupled with a turboing Raven filled with termies I could in theory overwhelm a flank before my opponent could mount an adequate response.
Well there are my two trains of thought. Just wondering what you guys think. Would appreciate and comments or constructive criticism.