Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Concept Guard Army

Have been playing around with an idea for a combined DemonHunter / Guard army.

The idea is to base a little over 1/2 the army on Grey Knights. They will be highly mobile mounted in Valkyries. The guard will form a fire line - or basically a tough little nut in the middle of the board. Not a lot of stuff - but if you are going first - with the 24" turbo boost move from the valk's - you are looking at first turn assaults with Grey Knights.

Here's the list - feel free to post thoughts:


Company Command Squad - Commander and 4 Vets - 50 pts
Brother Captain and 4 Grey Knight Terminator retinue - 1 Incinerator and Sactuary power - 285 points


Grey Knight Terminators - Brother Captain and 4 Grey Knight Terminators - 1 Incinerator 260 pts.


Command Squad - 30 points
Infantry Squad (3 Total) Grenade Launchers, Missile Launchers - 210 points
Heavy Weapon Squad - 3 Heavy Bolters 75 Points
Grey Knight Squad - Justicair + 8 Grey Knights - 2 Incinerators - 270 points
Grey Knight Squad - Justicair + 8 Grey Knights - 2 Incinerators - 270 points

Fast Attack

Valkyrie Squadron (2) 200 points
Valkyrie Squadron (2) 200 points

Well - something I haven't done before. My first book review.

WARNING - Spoilers below! I'm doing a story by story overview.

Overall I really liked the book. A nice read, good stories. Fine authors.

Blood Games - Dan Abnett

This was an ok story. Not Dan A's best - but decent tale. Good insight into the Custodes and the feel for old earth prior to the invasion by Horus. Overall a B.

Wolf at the Door - Mike Lee

Mikes a local guy from here in Nash-vegas. Really like his work a lot. This is a great story - going back to Bulfwye - the wolf lord of the 13th company he used in the last Ragnar book. Glad to see him taking the reigns of the Wolves and hope to see more of his work with them. Might have made the Wolf's a little more powerful than reality - but hey - they are heros. The ending seemed a bit harsh and shocking - but still one of the better stories in the book. Solid A

Scions of the Storm - Anthony Reynolds

The Word Bearer tales by Mr. Reynolds have been a couple of my favorite reads in the 40K universe lately. Almost got me inspired to do a WB army for the game. An interesting view back to his characters before the fall. Cool insight to the fall of the WB's and the mental imparities of their primarch. I give this one a B+ overall.

The Voice - James Swallow

This tale takes us down the path of a group of Sisters of Battle - right before Horus attacks Terra. Interesting story - not a lot of insight into the Pre-Heresy world - other than the dialogue about wondering if it was all true. Apparently the plot was that a Sister used some pyschic manifestation to go back in time to attempt to stop the heresy. A little weak. Still good insight into the interactions of the sisters and decent read. I give it a B- overall.

Call of the Lion - Gav Thorpe

First - I like Gave Thorpe and I like most of his books. However, I'm not a fan of how he depicts the Dark Angels. Still this confusing vaguely hinted at schism in the ranks (we all know what happened on Caliban) - but no definate details. A good story - but doesn't add anything to the overall Heresy story. Was disappointed a little here. I give it a C.

The Last Church - Graham McNeil

A great little tale - off the beaten path of 40K stories. A lot of religious overtones and the first time that any author has taken a shot at giving you insight into the Emperor's personality. A fine tale - with a twist at the end. Much enjoyed - solid A. Graham continues to provide me a lot of enjoyment with his works!

After Desh'ea - Matthew Farrer

Ok - so I figured the last story would be kind of the filler - especially after the GM story above. Man was I wrong! I loved this one - my favorite of the book. It details Kharn's first meeting with Angron. WOW - good insight into the working of the Blood God's soon to be favorite primarch. A much different take on Kharn also - he was a good guy - before he became a traitor. Loved IT! A+ - Great job. I hadn't really been able to get into his books before - but may need to go back and try again after this one.

Overall an excellent read! Great book - can't wait for the Wolf and Thousand Son's stories coming soon!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Adepticon 2009

Played in all three events - had a blast!

Gladiator - 2250 Chaos - all Nurgle except for 1 lash Sorcerer - no forgeworld - like taking a knife to a gunfight!

Game 1 - against a chaos Marine with Warhound titan. Night fight for all game. Deep struck oblits next to warhound - took out 1 arm weapon. Warhound runs away from Oblits (demon prince killed them bad) - but too close to dread. Dread assaults - lays the smack down and drops the warhound. Rest of his army breaks on the rock that Nurgle is - Max point win for me. Great opponent and good guy - had a blast.

Game 2 - deployment is short edge of table - playing against Angorroth the Undefeated and Fateweaver combo - along with 2 princes and a Grinder + several regular demons. Angorroth is hideous! 888 points - 8 wounds - fateweaver lets him reroll everything - unstoppable. I basically won this game by playing the objective and using Nurgle toughness. Good dude from Tampa as my opponent.

Game 3 - against the Reaver Titan my buddy Sabote also faced in 4th round. My only chance was to deep strike oblits in close to him - but the inquisitor with 2 mystics lets him nominate another unit to shoot - and that was the Reaver. Reaver has 9 5" D template shots - 3 at 3 seperate units. HIDEOUS and UNSTOPPABLE unless you have another one or are very lucky. I think the oblits were the only non-f'world thing that could stand up to them - but needed all good luck to work. Pulled a big fat ZERO.

(I played against the white Reaver in this pic)

Game 4 - Against Guard with a Marauder bomber. Great opponent and one of my funnest games of the entire tournament. Marauder is cool but not over the top. Nurgle was annihilating the guard - but so many to kill and so little time. I took primary - he got secondary - a minor win for me (I think). Was a great game.

Sabote coveres the team stuff below. Our 8 Landraider's looked impressive - but performed not so well. Missions played against our army a lot. Still had a lot of fun. Our team - from left to right: Gimli, Sabote, Corwindal, Aldonis. We were dead middle of the pack overall. Good on battle points and theme. Painting was shaky. We had a rough time our second game and had issues with our sportsmanship (which was otherwise perfect) - just bad karma I guess - we didn't gell - personally disappointed as Sportsmanship is something I really strive to do well on. But, sometimes you have to stand up to blatant cheating.

Saturday team games.

1st game
- was against a witch hunter guard army we both won our games. Sabote was teamed with Aldonis and Corwindal and Gimli were together.

2nd game: was against Chaos. Corwindal and Aldonis lost- this is the game the guys had a non valid list. Gimli and Sabote drawed our opponents. We almost tabled them. But a lucky shot on their part at the end gave them a draw. Gimli killed Abadddon though Smile

3rd game
- Gimli/Aldonis played a chaos/demon list and lost. Corwindal and Sabote played a ork/nob army and pulled a draw out of the game.

4th game
- Corwindal/Gimli won their game against a Marine army. Aldonis and Sabote won our game against a Marine army

40K Nationals: Great tournament - with an average showing from me. Ran pure Nurgle Deathguard.

Game 1 - against a Witch Hunter army a kid from MN ran - fun game - after I took the organ cannon gun off the big tank - I pretty well ran rough shod over his army. 28 point win.

Game 2 - against a Chaos army - nurgle and slaanesh - with two lash demon princes. My favorite opponent of all the games - cool guy from Dallas that I've invited to our forums and hope joins. We played a slap and tickle love fest shooting game for a few turns. Pivotable moment - Chaos lord with plague bringer charges 4 termies - if I drop them - I can continue in to the objective. Roll a 1 for attacks - take a wound - termies slice and dice me with claws and chainfists - then kill remaining 2 troops squads. I lose big. Fun game and great opponent. It's cool when the guy who wipes the floor with you is still one of your favorite opponents.

Game 3 - against an ork Horde. Well balanced and good ork army from a kid from Tampa Fl. We slug it out. Nurgle Marines in hth with even 30 orks are like a tar pit for the orks. 2 squads of plague marines in hth with 40 some orks for 3 rounds - and were still swatting at them at the end. We wound up with a draw. Oh yeah - in two rounds of combat - the same Chaos lord rolled 2 more ones for number of attacks. Dung'er - PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE take the curse from me!!!!

So 1-1-1 for me - I'm sure middle of the pack.

Best showing for me was Gladiator - 3-1 and was surprisingly a lot of fun and great challenges - except for the game vs the Reaver Titan - which is just overpowering.