Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Concept Guard Army

Have been playing around with an idea for a combined DemonHunter / Guard army.

The idea is to base a little over 1/2 the army on Grey Knights. They will be highly mobile mounted in Valkyries. The guard will form a fire line - or basically a tough little nut in the middle of the board. Not a lot of stuff - but if you are going first - with the 24" turbo boost move from the valk's - you are looking at first turn assaults with Grey Knights.

Here's the list - feel free to post thoughts:


Company Command Squad - Commander and 4 Vets - 50 pts
Brother Captain and 4 Grey Knight Terminator retinue - 1 Incinerator and Sactuary power - 285 points


Grey Knight Terminators - Brother Captain and 4 Grey Knight Terminators - 1 Incinerator 260 pts.


Command Squad - 30 points
Infantry Squad (3 Total) Grenade Launchers, Missile Launchers - 210 points
Heavy Weapon Squad - 3 Heavy Bolters 75 Points
Grey Knight Squad - Justicair + 8 Grey Knights - 2 Incinerators - 270 points
Grey Knight Squad - Justicair + 8 Grey Knights - 2 Incinerators - 270 points

Fast Attack

Valkyrie Squadron (2) 200 points
Valkyrie Squadron (2) 200 points

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Laertes said...

I like it -- I've been playing around with a similar theme which I call my "Black Helicopters" list, with the idea being to paint the Guard like Inquisition storm troopers (mine have dark grey and black uniforms).

Only a couple of thoughts:

1. I don't tend to run my Grey Knights with any special weapons whatsoever -- I like to maximize the number of shots and their versatility, and find that saving points for more troops is typically better than having any sort of special weapon.

2. With the points saved, is their any way to upgrade the Valkyries to the Vendettas? There's no anti-vehicle in the list except from assault.

Also, since the Valkyries aren't dedicated transports, wouldn't the first turn be spent having the Grey Knights load up, THEN turbo-boosting and assaulting on the second turn?