Sunday, December 16, 2012

Battle for Supremecy 2012

Well....finally got a 6th Edition tourney in - had a great time.

I had planned to team up with the BikeNinja for the tournament - but some things came up in life that left him unable to attend.  Thanks to my Battle Brother Cody for agreeing to team up with me. We pulled together our lists with only a few days notice - decided to team up Wolves with Wolves.

I run Rune Priest, 6 Wolf Guard Termies + 1 PA WG w/ LR Crusader, Grey Hunters, Standard LR.
Cody has a Rune Priest, 4 T-Wolves, 2 GH Squads in RB's, and ML Fangs.

First opponents ran Wolves and Grey Knights. Mission was the bases mission with one side deploying entire army and the other side being completely in reserves. I deploy - Cody Reserves. Game is back an forth - Rune Priest gets fortunate and plants a Dreadknight, Thunderwolf, and Wolf Thunderlord with Jaws. Game is tight - my LR Crusader finally goes down in turn 4 so no chance of contesting their objective. We are in HTH at top of turn 5 with their last strike squad and Inquisitor who is contesting our objective. We take out all but 2 Strikes and Inquisitor in our top of HTH. Their turn - the TO comes by and I ask how much time left and hear 1 minute. Opponent shakes our hand and says good game. Little bit of a bad taste as we would have VERY likely cleared our objective for Draw vs Loss had we finished the turn. We pull 6 points.

Second opponent - Shane and Mel Dicehead Games - running Guard and Orks.  The coolest of the cool Husband and Wife team evah!  Mission was 4 objectives and Big Guns. Just good folks - and always fun to play against. They basically out manuevered us in a great game. We put a hurting on the Orks - but Guard flank and take objective. I manage to immobilize my LR - and leave us to far back to claim one objective and threaten another. My Priest and Termies have epic HTH with Warboss and MegaNobs - with my priest taking down the warboss and then going on to destroy one medusa and immobile the other. Great game with Shane and Mel - we pull 8 points in the loss.

Third game is against Battle Brothers Keith and Patrick who are running Marines. Keith as always has a beautifully painted Army that I think he did in like 2 days. Good game - and unfortunately Keiths dice decided to retire after turn 2. We pull 14 points in win in a fun game. Appreciated the good sports from Keith and Patrick despite having a bad run of luck in the game.

At the end - we pull a respectable 7th place overall.

Great fun, Great Tourney, Great Partner....and especially great to hang with my BNB Battle Brothers once again!