Sunday, February 17, 2013

All right I know I should be posting more.....

  All right I know I told myself I would post more but there just seems to be a lack of time for anything hobby related.  Real life is really kicking my ass now.  Lot of stuff at work and home.  Anyway I haven't been posting as I have very little to report.  I have played maybe three games in four weeks since I last posted.  Two against Brian Crew one of which I used my old Mordrak list from fifth which pretty much instantly reminded me why I don't use it anymore.  The second one was a better game but we failed to finish it as I got a call from school that my boy was sick.  The third game was with Matt Grage and his Space Wolves and in that game Matt's dice were so appalling it really wasn't worth writing up.
  One thing I have learned though is how unfamiliar with sixth I still am.  I really need to get a better handle on the rules before Adepticon.  Of course I am not sure if I am going to Adepticon as I may be promoted to lieutenant and have to start attending school on April 15th, or depending on how many affirmative action people are put ahead of me I may start on the 29th, who knows.
  The second thing I have also figured out is there will probably be no new army this year. The wife and I will be buying a new house this year most likely in June.  As much as I want to build a DA army I don't see it happening this year.  I will be happy to just go to the ATC this year.  (Al I am going don't get worried).  That means GKs for sure at Adepticon and more than likely at the ATC unless I borrow some one else's army.  Oh well at least I am not stuck with Templars or something like that.  I will try and get some lists up for some feedback.  Here is the one I am running as of now:

Grand Master w/Rad and Psykotroke Grenades and 3 Skulld
5 Paladins 3 Halberds, 2 Hammers, 2 Cannons
10 Man Strike Squad Ammo, 2 Cannons, Hammer
6 Deathcult Assassins
4 Henchman in Razorback w/Ammo & Light
4 Henchman in Razorback w/Ammo & Light
Storm Raven w/TLLC and TLMM & Light
Crusader w/MM, Ammo & Light
Dread w/AC, SB, Ammo & Light
Dread w/2 x TLAC, Ammo & Light

Comes to 1850

Trying to keep mobile and not get pinned down in an area.  Have been running the Assassin and the Master in the LRC.  Sometimes Coteaz goes there of the Paladins are deep striking if not he goes with them.  Often times one of the small henchman squads goes in the Raven for late turn objective grabs, while the AC dread will hitch a ride in the Raven or accompany the LRC as it works it's way up field.  I probably dont have enough long range shooting and would struggle against large hordes but have been just been experimenting with what I have painted at the moment.  Anyway hope to post some more soon.