Monday, March 15, 2010

Aldonis thoughts on soft scores

Those that don't like it fuss about it, those that do like it fuss about it. No one's going to agree.

There's a really vocal group that doesn't care for them - as far as I know either haven't played in a lot of tourneys or haven't done very well in them - or had a bad experience. Whatever - sorry if you had a bad time.

Personally, I've played in GT's since '99 and a boatload of other tourneys (Adepticon, Big Waagh, RTT's, etc). I think the most fun tourneys were the early one's in 99 and 2000. They had Comp, Sportsmanship, painting, etc. But - they were fun. Not the drama around cheating that is today, not the win at all costs mentality - and they were FUN! It's not hard to get a good sports score. Be decent to people, give them what you would expect, be nice. Out of 100+ tourney opponents I had a handful that weren't fun to play and maybe 2 that were even close to being jerks.

This whole thing about all the drama about bad players, cheating, win at all costs, TFG, etc - it's REALLY getting blown all out of proportion. A bunch of internet drama queens have really made it into some huge conspiracy thing. I suggest that we has a hobby group collective STOP it - enjoy the d@mn games - play and have fun, thank the tourney organizers for the effort they put on for US to have fun - and stop the crap. I'm guilty of feeding this as well by even replying to these threads. Something that I will no longer do!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Battle for Stone's River 2010 - Aftermath

Have to echo what most people have said - truly and outstanding tournament. My hat is off to Bossman, Chris, Travo, etc for putting on a great event!

From a competitive standpoint - it was a little frustrating for me - so many could have hads and might have hads - but didn't's. Such is the way the dice roll though! Had a grand time and did much better overall than I expected. Wound up in 13th Overall.

Game One - Willy the Nord from Chattanooga said he was coming looking for me - and he got me. We wound up going head to head right from the start. Love to play the guy - but would rather meet him in the later rounds - because he's really good. We had a tight fought game - very tactical in nature. Eldar vs Dark Eldar - with the NORD having around 17 Dark Lances - all wanting to do me harm! Willy pulled out a great victory in the end and blanked me after seven rounds. Job well done! Will catch you in Chi-town!

Game Two - originally Stephan Boada (with the Sisters) and I were going to play - and Donovan and George from Huntsville were going to play. Since both groups can play each other at any time - we decided to switch. And I got to play George and his awesome Ork army. Had a great game - fun match up - against a guy I'm glad to call a buddy. Managed to squeek out a slight victory - 15 points to 6 in a 6 turn battle.

Game Three - Me and the Karate Kid lay it down. Dang but Jeremy has gotten good. We had a HARD fought game - back and forth - for seven turns. He managed to hold onto the main objective at the end for a 7-5 win. Great game man!.

Game Four - Against John Williams from Jackson area. John was just getting into the game - and was a great guy to play against.Another hard fought and close game. My suicide squad just refused to die (actually John's Dreadnought just refused to kill them). Wound up with 9 to zero victory for me.

The hardest thing about this tournament was the fact that I had to pick a favorite opponent - all of mine were very deserving of it.

Congrats to Sabote (overall) and STD (best painted and best themed) for bringing home the big prizes - job well done.

Looking forward to this one next year already!