Thursday, January 30, 2014

Draxtar Games Tournament 1/25 Game #3

All right after beating the Ghost army it is on to table 2 versus Cal Radelscu and his hybrid Daemons.  Cal sort of has a mix of armies.  His list looks like this:
Keeper if Secrets Level 1 Psyker and 1 Greater Reward
Herald of Tzeentch Disc, Level 2 Psyker, Exalted Reward
Herald of Tzeentch Disc, Level 2 Psyker, Locus of Str 6
10 Plaguebearers
10 Plaguebearers
9 Screamers of Tzeentch
Daemon Prince of Slaanesh Level 2 Psyker, 2 Greater Rewards, Armor, Flight
Daemon Prince of Slaanesh Level 2 Psyker, 2 Greater Rewards, Armor, Flight
Sorcerer on Bike, Mark of Nurgle, Level 1?  some other stuff
10 Cultists
5 Spawn of Nurgle

Cal even admitted he wasn't running an optimized list.  He wanted to try out a few things.  The mission was going to be pretty tough for him.  The primary was five objectives that couldn't be held until turn 3.  At that point any time you finish your turn and your opponent has more objectives then you the game ends and you lose primary.  Secondary was kill points.  Also were the usual three bonus points and deployment is hammer and anvil.  Night fight will be in effect for the first turn, which will be key for Cal.
He wins the roll and decides to go first. The objective are pretty much spread out in an x, two in each deployment zone and one in roughly the middle.  He deploys the screamer star lite and the Spawn tide in the middle.  Supported by the Princes.  He puts one bearer squad in ruins on his left objective.  The cultists goes in the right side in area terrain.  I place my Vindicator in the middle with the command squad and characters to the side.  I place the three attack bikes scattered behind them. Coteaz and the henchmen go in the Raven and all the other bikes outflank.  I scout everything forward I try to seize but fail.

His turn 1 he moves everything forward to get a second turn assault.  He casts forewarning in the screamers but fails the grimoire giving them a 5+ invulnerable.  He turbos a little bit forward to give them a 4+ cover save plus any night fight bonus.
My turn 1 I move forward to get into double tap range for most of my plasma and at least with in 12" to avoid giving him and more cover bonus.  Like a dummy I forget my vindicator has a searchlight and never use it.  I rad grenade the screamers and let the plasma rip.  I also shoot the vindy and the attack bikes at them I kill 5.  He did well on his cover saves.

His turn 2 I wait for the reprisal.  His other set of plague bearers deep strike in on to one of the objectives in my back field on my right.  He sends his spawn forward and sets up a charge with the command squad.  The screamers get ready to destroy the vindicator.  The princes go attack bike hunting.  The keeper babysits the cultists and plaguebearers.  The spawn charge the command squad I kill one thru overwatch.  I challenge with Sammael and do nothing to his sorcerer and he' does nothing to me.  The libby takes down two more spawn rolling great and him not so great.  With that I hit and run towards his board edge and the troops.  The screamers crush my vindicator taking a casualty in the explosion.  The daemon princes shoot to no effect at the attack bikes, and both fail long charges.
My turn 2.  Coteaz and the flamers show up. The flamer bikes come in on my right by the newly arrived palguebearers.  The storm raven flies to the middle of the board to target the keeper.  The command bikes go talk to the cultists.  the attack bikes all gather to talk to the newly arrived plague bearers with the flamers.  I flame and shoot the attack bikes at the plaguebearers killing most of them and then assaulting them killing all but one I think.  The flamers are in the corner as they failed their charge.  The command squad massacres the cultists and heads towards the Keeper and remaining plaguebearers.  The Raven puts three wounds on the Keeper.

His turn 3 he sends the screamers and the spawn towards my deployment zone to try and corral the bikes that are going to be running amok back there.  He also sends one prince into the combat with the lone plague bearer.  He starts the other prince back toward his deployment zone but only gets close to the center objective and raven.  The keeper charges into the command squad shooting them first with lash.  I challenge with Sammael and promptly go down like a five dollar whore.  I pass my morale and hit and run towards the plaguebearers.  One attack bike gets killed by the prince.  The others hit and run out of there.  The screamers are sort of stuck in no man's land as he needs to see where my other bikes will be coming in.
My turn 3 both bike squads come in one on each side.  The plasma come in on the left side and the melt on the right.  I bring them both on in his deployment zone.  The plasma set up to double tap the Keeper, while the melta are waiting for the banner to get in range to deal with the plague bearers.  The command squad moves up to get in range of the melta bikes and plaguebearers.  The raven hovers and drops off Coteaz and the boys who had cast prescience and flame shield (yes a pyromancy power I just wanted to try one) on themselves and light up the other prince.  The other bikes race to get on objectives with one attack bike and the flamer squad on one and one attack bike on the other.  In the shooting phase I pick up 24 dice and go to town on the plaguebearers.  Cal goes to ground but doesn't roll very well.  Then the command squad double taps and kills all but three or so.  The command squad charges in and finishes the job consolidation enough to make a box around the objective to not allow contesting,  The raven and Coteaz knock the prince down to one wound, by them the attack bikes and the flamer bikes put a couple of wounds on the other prince.  The plasma bikes knock the Keeper down to one wound.  I now hold four objectives.

His turn 4.  Cal is in trouble he can't hold any objectives and now needs to contest four.  A lot of his forces are out of position and chasing mine.  The spawn go to kill the lone attack bike in my left corner.  The prince in my deployment zone goes to kill the flamer bikes.  The other  one wound prince goes to deal with Coteaz and the henchmen.  The Keeper and the Screamers go to the bottom right to try and contest the melta bike's objectives.  The spawn and sorcerer catch and lock the lone attack bike in combat.  The other prince eats the flamer squad taking a wound in the process.  The Keeper charges the command squad who promptly shoot him dead on the way in.  Now there is no way to contest the bottom objective and this will be the last half of turn.  The other prince eats a bunch of overwatch and dies on the way in as well.

 I win primary, and beat him in kill points.  We both have warlord and line breaker and he has first blood.  Even had it went on I think Cal would have a tough row to hoe. I think I finish off the other prince with the Raven and the sorcerer on the bike and the spawn are too far up in my deployment zone to do anything but kill my attack bikes.  I have two full bike squads and the command squad and potshots from Coteaz to kill the screamers next turn.  It was a great game.  Cal was a blast to play against I think that the mission just went against him.  He was banking on speed and I am just as fast.  Also with me outflanking everything he had a hard time containing me.  All in all a fun tournament and surprising showing by the Ravenwing.  The command squad with the libby was just nails especially with the power field generator.  I really don't think I need the vindicator or the banner.  I think I actually used the banner twice all tourney.  The command squad tends to be running around like crazy I hate keeping my bikes all bunched up.  The raven and Coteaz were very effective.  I think in the future I will drop the banner, vindicator and one man from each of the six man squads and add six Black Knights with one grenade launcher.  I look forward to next month.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Draxtar Games Tournament 1/25 Round 2

All right after eking out a win in game one it was on to game 2.  This game was dawn of war deployment.  The primary mission was place an objective in the middle and then place one in a a cross formation so one was on each deployment line and the other two were 12" from the center on the midline.  If a troop comes into contact with a objective marker they could search whether or not it was a relic.  On a 3+ it was.  After three relics were found the other ones would disappear.  The secondary mission was kill points.  All the regular bonus points were in play

Once again played against a great guy but forgot his name.  Not even sure how his army worked with allies he had Iyanden and Eldar:
2 x Spiritseers
2 x 3 Jet Bikes
10 Wraithguard with cannons
5 Wraithguard w/flamers in wave serpent w/bright lance
3 x Wraithknights

Somehow the one wraith knight was his warlord.  Anyway he wins the roll and lets me go first. I deploy everything but the Raven filled with Coteaz and henchmen.  I deploy on my line with most of my stuff.  He deploys the wraith knights sort if together with the wave serpent in the middle.  The wraith guard along with all the psykers go on my right.  There is two big pieces of terrain that sort of funnel everything to the middle.  Everybody scouts forward I land on 4 out of 5 objectives finding two relics.

My 1st turn one attack bike moves forward to shoot the wave serpent.  (I forgot about the stupid shield) One attack bike and the flamers move back with the relics I have found.  All the attack bikes shoot at the wave serpent doing two hps.  The stupid vindicator scatters off the wave serpent.  I wound one wrath knight about three times also knocking off a toughness point.  I fail the charge.
His turn 1 he casts a billion psychic powers but fails the one that allows his wraith guard to battle focus.  So his wraith guard unit moves up and they toast my lone attack bike for first blood - doh.  The wave serpent fails to kill the windy.  The wraith knights fire at the command squad but He only hits 3 times and only wounds 2 and I save both.  All three wraith knights charge in to my command squad I put some wounds on an unwounded one and wait for the carnage.  I challenge his warlord with my champion (who I am pretty much sure is suicidal because he ends up a red smear after every game)  He takes one for the team.  The other 10 attacks hit about five times and do maybe 4 wounds of which I fail one save pasting the banner bearer.  I manage to get one of the librarian's attacks on to the wounded wraith knight and insta kill it.  I then hit and and run out of there.

My turn 2 I am sitting pretty.  The two wraith knights are sitting in the open in front of a bunch of plasma and melta.  The flamers move back behind terrain with the relic they have.  My other attack bike finds the last relic so now I am in possession of all three.  The command squad lines up the warlord.  Coteaz flies in to line up the warlord as well.  The melta bikes head after the serpent.  The plasma bikes and the attack bikes line up the non warlord wraith knight .  The vindicator driver stares in dis belief as he realizes the wraith guard are all bunched up in the open.  The command squad drops the rad shell on the warlord knight and knocks 4 wounds off of it.  The Raven manages to knock another wound off of it and hit the warlock with a mind strike missile killing him. One of the attack bikes finishes it off.  The vindy hits the bunched up wraith guard killing six and a spirit seer who fails his look out sir roll and his fortuned save.  The melta bikes manage to down the one hp wave serpent.  The plasma bikes and the other attack bike do 3 more wounds to the last wraith knight.  In order to plug the hole in the middle the plasma bikes declare a charge on the wraith knight.  I lose one bike but make the charge and do nothing in combat losing one bike.  We lock.
His turn 2 wow is pretty bad turn for him.  He gets both jet bikes who make a bee line for the flamer bikes zipping across the board.  The wraith guard with flamers come out an punish the bikes who killed their ride killing four.  The wraith guard  having not much to shoot at blow the raven out of the sky.  It scatters near the wraith guard with flamers leaving Coteaz and one plasma gunner left.  The wraith knight kills one more bike and I hit and run.

My turn 3 Coteaz casts prescience on himself and forewarning and prepares to go say hello to the five man wraith guard squad.  Everything else lines up the wraith knights and wraith guard.  The flamer bikes go after one of the jet bike squads.  They kill two jet bikes.  The wraith knight and the wraith guard are gutted by the remainder of my shooting.  I think the far seer and one wraith guard remain after all the shooting.  The remnants of the melta bikes shoot and then charge in to the wraith guard with flamers.  I lose one more biker to overwatch and then Coteaz joins the party.  I killed two with shooting and Coteaz finishes off the rest with his hammer.
His turn three he gamely soldiers on stating he never gives up.  He shoots the jet bikes into the flamer bikes killing one.  The wraith guard kill a command squad member.

My turn 4. I finish off his army and get 27 points to his 1.

He was a great sport about it and even stated my list was the paper to his rock.  I had just too much plasma and melta for him to overcome.  Plus when he let me go first I was able to get to all the objectives on the first turn giving me control of them.  So a crushing victory and on to table two.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

1750 Tournament Draxter Games Jan 25th

All right went to Tournament at Draxtar Games yesterday.  Was 1750 points and three rounds.  At the last minute I decided to take my Ravenwing allied with Grey Knights.  I usually hate allies but I needed to get some sort of flyer defense in there.   List was as follows:

Sammael on Corvex
Librarian Level 1, Bike, Force Staff, Power Field (Took Psychic Shriek in all games)
Command Squad w/Apothecary and Champion, Banner of Devastation
Full Bike Squad w/2 Plasma Guns and Combi Plasma, Multimelta Attack Bike
Full Bike Squad w/2 Melta Guns and Combi Melta, Multimelta Attack Bike
Three Man Bike Squad w/2 Flamers and Multimelta Attack Bike
Vindicator w/Siege Shield
Allied GKs
Henchman Squad 4 w/Bolters and 2 w/Plasma Guns
Storm Raven w/TLLC and TLMM

Game 1 is versus a Farsight player whose name I wrote down but of course threw the paper away.  Anyway real fun guy to play against.  His list as I remember it is

Riptide w/Burst Cannons and Smart Missiles
3 Man Crisis Team w/weapons and drones
2 Man Crisis Team w/weapons and drones
2 Man Crisis Team w/weapons and drones
About 13 Kroot w/Shaper and sniper rounds
2 Units of Pathfinders
3 Broadsides w/Rail Rifles
2 Hammerheads

Deployment is vanguard strike.  Primary mission is five objectives each worth five points.  Objectives are pretty much even scattered around the board on in the center of the board and one in each quarter.Secondary mission is whoever controls more objectives.  Usual bonus points line breaker, slay the warlord and first blood.
He elects to go first.  He deploys Ovessa on my left with a group of pathfinders in some ruins.  In the middle in some more ruins he deploys the broadsides and one hammer head.  A little to the right of them he deploys he other Riptide.   All the way on the right he deploys the other group of pathfinders and the other hammerhead.  He leaves all the crisis suits and Farsight to deep strike and the Kroot will outflank.

I deploy the command squad w/Sammael and libby on my left alongside of them goes the plasma bike squad and the melta bike squad goes behind them.  The vindy goes next to the command squad.  Coteaz gets in the Raven with the henchmen and all the other bikes outflank.  I scout forward and fail to seize.

Turn one sees some abysmal shooting for him He only kills two bikes from the plasma squad.  I move forward and show him just how abysmal my shooting can be as well.  I shoot 24 twin linked bolter shots into 5 pathfinders killing 2.  The vindicator hits the broadsides and does nothing.  I then fire six plasma shots, a plasma cannon, 8 twin linked plasma shots, psychic shriek and a bunch of bolters to a T5 riptide and did one wound.  Oh well guess I have to do this the hard way I charge the plasma bikes into eat the overwatch which they do and fail their charge.  The command squad hits Ovessa and does ...nothing.

His turn 2 he gets two crisis suit teams and Farsight.  Farsight lands behind the vindy which he then blows up.  Everything else proceeds to wipe the table with the rest of my army.  I tickle the riptide for one wound I think.  Take none in return we lock and I roll a 5 for hit and run.....
My turn 2 sees the three flamer bikes come in on the left.  With nothing to do the turbo boost on the left side to try and stay alive.  We slap fight a little more and stay stuck in combat.

His turn 3 the last crisis team comes.Farsight is making his way towards the combat.  The rest of his army happy to have targets wipes the turbo boosting bikes off the board.  Farsight charges into combat and promptly whiffs on all of his attacks.  The champion and librarian beat him into the dust.  Of course he sticks around and once again I roll a 5 for my consolidation......

My turn three everything comes on.  The three attack bikes come in on the right behind his hammer head on my right.  The stormraven comes in to line up a shot on the three man crisis suit team.  The attack bikes kill the hammer head taking three melta shots to do it.  The raven kills both crisis suits.  And finally the command squad goes nuts killing Ovessa of course in my turn. (I believe Sammael was down to one wound as was the libby)  Great I am now sitting in front of the broadsides, a hammer head and some crisis suits.

His turn 4 the kroot come in the lower left corner and start heading to an objective.  The command squad manages to only lose one guy.  The riptide lights up one attack bike erasing it.  I think he forgot that they are all one man units. The kroot run on to an objective in cover in the bottom.
My turn 4 the command squad shoots at the broadsides wiping out 2 and then multi charges them and the hammer head killing both.The raven drops into hover mode disgorging Coteaz and the henchmen who charge into another 2 man crisis suit wiping them out.  The raven and the attack bikes shoot at the other crisis suits managing to kill one.  One attack bike makes his charge into the crisis suit doing nothing.

His turn 5 the Riptide erases yet another attack bike, 5 pathfinders kill three henchmen. The other remaining crisis suit from his three man team takes refuge in the objective in the lower left corner.  I hit and run out of combat with his other suit.
My turn 5 the command squad head for the kroot, Sammael and the librarian head fo rthe lone crisis suit in the lower left corner.  Coteaz and his remaining guys shoot at the pathfinders killing three.  The raven introduces the kroot to mind strike missiles killing seven of them.  The lone attack bike kills off the last crisis suit on the right.  The command squad turbos towards the kroot.  The librarian and Sammael manage to kill off the last suit on the left, however somehow Sammael dies in the process.  I have two objectives he has one.  But the game goes on.

Turn 6 the Riptide and the pathfinders turn Coteaz and the henchmen into paste.  The kroot stand there as they went to ground last turn.
My turn six the command squad moves up to contest the objective the kroot are on.  The attack bike moves forward and then turbos back to his objective, the raven kills a few more kroot and the libby does some wheelies...

Turn 7 in his turn he makes a mistake instead of targeting my wounded attack bike driving around an objective he shoots the Riptide (the killer of attack bikes) into the command squad killing tow of them but leaving one remaining to contest the objective.  Had he shot my attack bike the best I could have done was tie.
My turn 7 I kill a few more kroot and maybe some pathfinders.

I possess one objective he has none.  I pick up 5 points for the primary.  I pick up 10 points for the secondary.  I also have slay the warlord and linebreaker.  He has slay the warlord and first blood.  I win 17 - 2.  Wow what a bloody game I have a librarian, a storm raven and one command squad guy left.  He has a Riptide, a few pathfinders and a kroot or two left.  Managing to eke out a win I move on to the next round.  He was a great guy to play against and won his next two games handily.

New Tyranid Vanguard formation

Manufactorum Genestealers
—The formations allow your genestealers to set up in ruins or unoccupied building within 6" of your enemy, and have hit and run.
—5 Genestealer broods, but may not include additional genestealers.

Lictor Forest Brood
—Lictor Forest brood formation inside forests can infiltrate up to 6" from the enemy, and have the shrouded rule in forest.
—This is 5 broods of a single model.

Deathleaper's Assassin Brood
—The Deathleaper brood makes anyone within 12" of a model from the brood have -1 LD - this could be pretty massive combined with a few other rules (shadows, Its after me, the horror, Psychic Shriek etc.).
—Deathleaper + 5 lictor broods of 1 model.

Broodlord's Hunting Pack
—Another Broodlord hunting pack formation when it comes from reserves can deploy into any unoccupied building. It can also be deployed in any ruin terrain during setup as long as its 6" away from the enemy.
—They also have hunting pack, which when deployed, your formation has preferred enemy against any nominated enemy unit.
—3 Stealer broods and 1 must have a brood lord. only a single broodlord allowed.

Gargoyle Bio-Bombs
—The gargoyle bomb is 3 units of gargoyles and 3 units of spore mines, and allows the spore mines when ever they start a move action (move, run, charge) within 6" of a gargoyle to move at 6", or no longer half the distance when running or charging.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Next Draxtar Games Tournament January 25th

All right now that I am actually playing again I might make tournaments in two months in a row.  Heading to Draxtar Games in Batavia for a 1750 point tournament on Saturday.  No data slates,escalation or stronghold.  One Forge World unit with the 40K approved stamp no super heavies or gargantuan creatures.  Not sure what I am going to bring.  I refuse to play unpainted models in a tournament setting so if I am going to take Daemons it will be:

Lord of Change Level 3, 2 x Greater Gifts, 1 x Lesser Gift
Herald of Tzeentch Level 3 w/Greater Locus of Str 6
Herald of Khorne on Juggernaut w/Locus of +2 attacks and Lesser Gift
Herald of Nurgle w/Greater Locus of FNP and Exalted Reward (Grimoire)
10 Pink Horrors
14 Daemonettes + Alluress
10 Plaguebearers
5 Flesh Hounds
Daemon Prince of Tzeentch Level 3, Wings, Armor & 2 Greater Gifts
Soul Grinder of Slaanesh w/Phlegm
Soul Grinder of Slaanesh w/Torrent

I really wish I had got my butt in gear and got my screamers and another unit of plague bearers painted but it ain't happening between now and Saturday.

If I take Grey Knights it will be:
If I take Grey Knights it will be:
Inquisitor in terminator armor, psycannon, 3 skulls, psyker
5 Paladins 2 x Hammers, 2 x Pyscannon
10 Strikes Hammer, 2 x Psycannon  Psybolt Ammo
4 Henchmen w/Bolters in a  Lascannon Razorback
4 Deathcult Assassins w/Axe & Sword, 2 Crusaders w/Shields and Mauls
4 Henchmen w/LP & CCW
4 Henchmen w/LP & CCW
Stormraven w/TLAC, TLMM Hurricane Bolters and Psybolt Ammo
Stormraven w/TLLC and TLMM
Land Raider

Oh well will see how it goes....

Monday, January 20, 2014

COMPLETED: Tyranids vs Tau • 2k Batrep

I had a very exciting game yesterday afternoon fielding my Tyranids versus Tau featuring triple Riptides. The Tau player is a veteran so this was an excellent test match for the new Tyranids.


Hive Tyrant:
Wings, Adrenal Glands, Twin Linked Devourers w. Brainleech Ammo
Hive Commander

Alpha Warrior: /Warlord
Maw Claws, Adrenal Glands, Flesh Hooks, Toxin Sacs


3x Warrior:
Adrenal Glands, Flesh Hooks, Rending Claws
2x Deathspitter, Barbed Strangler

13x Genestealer & Broodlord: (attached to Alpha Warrior)
Toxin Sacs

13x Genestealer & Broodlord:
Toxin Sacs

20x Devilgant

Trygon Prime:
Toxin Sacs

Rupture Cannon

Warlord Trait - Night Vision

Psychic Powers:
Flyrant - Catalyst & Warp Blast
Zoanthrope - Catalyst & Warp Blast

It's After Me! - Deathleaper reduces the Ethereal's leadership to 7.

Tau (To the best of my recollection)
Ethereal /Warlord

Iridium Suit, Multi-Spectrum System, Control Node, Multi-Tracker
Missile Pod, Fusion Gun

8x Marker Drone (attached to Commander)

12x Fire Warrior

12x Fire Warrior

12x Kroot:
Kroot Hound

12x Kroot:
Kroot Hound

Stim Injector, Early Warning Override
Ion Accelerator, Missile Pods

Stim Injector, Early Warning Override
Ion Accelerator, Missile Pods

Stim Injector, Early Warning Override
Ion Accelerator, Missile Pods

3x Broadside:
2x Railgun, High Yield Missiles, Missile Pods, Velocity Trackers

Commander Longstrike
Railgun, Submunition Rounds

Aegis Defense Line:
Quad Gun

Warlord Trait - Night Fight

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

All right have started playing 40K again my first real 6th edition tournament w/Daemons

All right have finally got back into 40K after a long hiatus.  Who knows I might even try to actually post once a week.  Anyway played a 1500 point tournament with my Daemons for the first time.  The list I brought was:
Lord of Change Level 3, 2 x Greater Gifts, 1 x Lesser Gift
Herald of Tzeentch Level 3 w/Greater Locus of Str 6
Herald of Nurgle w/Greater Locus of FNP and Exalted Reward (Grimoire)
10 Pink Horrors
10 Daemonettes
10 Plaguebearers
Daemon Prince of Tzeentch Level 3, Wings, Armor, 1 Exalted Gift (Portal) and one Greater Gift
Soul Grinder of Slaanesh w/Phlegm
Soul Grinder of Slaanesh w/Torrent
Comes to 1500 Points on the head
Tournament was battle points with primary and secondary missions and the three extra points

Round 1 was against a necron player who brought
Lord on a barge
5 Voltaic staff guys
5 Scythes w/5 warriors
3 Barges
Mission is 5 Objectives primary and kill points secondary dawn of war deployment.
I am not going to write up detailed battle reports as it has been a couple of weeks and I don't remember everything.  In this came my big mistake was in not pulling out the rule book when I had a question.  the main question was whether or not a chariot can lock a monstrous creature in combat (btw it can't).  this caused my prince to be stuck in combat with his lord all the way to turn 5.  He crushed all of my stuff except for the prince and some horrors also go the portal and a couple of small units.  I killed all his troops his warlord and a couple of scythes.  We each had no objectives he had one more kill point than I.  We both have linebreaker and kill the warlord he has first blood.  I lose 20 to 9.

Round 2 is against Mitch Tucker's girlfriend Natalie a newer Daemons Player
She has
Daemon Prince of Tzeentch Level 3w/Exalted (Grimoire) and Greater Reward
18 Daemonettes
18 Daemonettes
10 Plaguebearers
10 Plaguebearers
14 Flesh Hounds
This game is Objectives via the scouring and kill points hammer and anvil deployment
We exchange princes early with me sacrificing mine getting hers for first blood.  Actually had I not failed a grounding test I wouldn't have died.  I was able to get one grinder into her dogs and another into her one unit of daemonettes crushing them both on instability tests.  In the end I kill everything but one unit of plaguebearers hiding in the back.  I win 28 to 1.

Round 3 is against an Ultramarine Army played by a player named Gary.
He has:
2 10 man tactical squads in assbacks
5 man tactical squad in razorback
5 scouts
2 Talons w/skyhammer missiles
2 Thunderfires
3 centurions w/grav cannons

This one is vanguard strike 5 objectives each worth 5 points apiece no secondary.
This game turned on his mistake of letting one of my prescienced soul grinders get to his centurion plus tigurius squad.  I was able to pound them to dust and then mop up the rest of his scoring.  It did not help that his scatter dice for his thunderfires were absolutely horrendous.  At one point he roller 21 straight deviations.
In the end I held 3 objectives to his none and had all three bonus points.  A 18 to 1 win for me.

So I finished with 55 points in 7th place out of 28 players.  Not too bad.  If I hadn't made the rules mistake in the first game who knows?  I like the list it plays pretty good plus it does not have Fateweaver.  I figure to take it to 1850 I am going to add some screamers another batch of plague bearers drop the exalted on the prince and give him a second greater gift.  I will have one exalted to use for either the portal or grimoire depending on what is needed.
The 1850 list will look like this:

Lord of Change Level 3, 2 x Greater Gifts, 1 x Lesser Gift
Herald of Tzeetch Level 3 w/Greater Locus of Str 6
Herald of Nurgle w/Greater Locus of FNP and Exalted Reward (Grimoire)
10 Pink Horrors
16 Daemonettes w/Alluress
10 Plaguebearers
10 Plaguebearers
8 Screamers
Daemon Prince of Tzeentch Level 3, Wings, Armor and 2 Greater Gifts
Soul Grinder of Slaanesh w/Phlegm
Soul Grinder of Slaanesh w/Torrent

So far in play testing I like it and just need to get the other unit of plague bearers and screamers painted.  Playing in a tournament on Jan 25 at Draxtar Games at 1750 points will post on that later.