Sunday, January 26, 2014

1750 Tournament Draxter Games Jan 25th

All right went to Tournament at Draxtar Games yesterday.  Was 1750 points and three rounds.  At the last minute I decided to take my Ravenwing allied with Grey Knights.  I usually hate allies but I needed to get some sort of flyer defense in there.   List was as follows:

Sammael on Corvex
Librarian Level 1, Bike, Force Staff, Power Field (Took Psychic Shriek in all games)
Command Squad w/Apothecary and Champion, Banner of Devastation
Full Bike Squad w/2 Plasma Guns and Combi Plasma, Multimelta Attack Bike
Full Bike Squad w/2 Melta Guns and Combi Melta, Multimelta Attack Bike
Three Man Bike Squad w/2 Flamers and Multimelta Attack Bike
Vindicator w/Siege Shield
Allied GKs
Henchman Squad 4 w/Bolters and 2 w/Plasma Guns
Storm Raven w/TLLC and TLMM

Game 1 is versus a Farsight player whose name I wrote down but of course threw the paper away.  Anyway real fun guy to play against.  His list as I remember it is

Riptide w/Burst Cannons and Smart Missiles
3 Man Crisis Team w/weapons and drones
2 Man Crisis Team w/weapons and drones
2 Man Crisis Team w/weapons and drones
About 13 Kroot w/Shaper and sniper rounds
2 Units of Pathfinders
3 Broadsides w/Rail Rifles
2 Hammerheads

Deployment is vanguard strike.  Primary mission is five objectives each worth five points.  Objectives are pretty much even scattered around the board on in the center of the board and one in each quarter.Secondary mission is whoever controls more objectives.  Usual bonus points line breaker, slay the warlord and first blood.
He elects to go first.  He deploys Ovessa on my left with a group of pathfinders in some ruins.  In the middle in some more ruins he deploys the broadsides and one hammer head.  A little to the right of them he deploys he other Riptide.   All the way on the right he deploys the other group of pathfinders and the other hammerhead.  He leaves all the crisis suits and Farsight to deep strike and the Kroot will outflank.

I deploy the command squad w/Sammael and libby on my left alongside of them goes the plasma bike squad and the melta bike squad goes behind them.  The vindy goes next to the command squad.  Coteaz gets in the Raven with the henchmen and all the other bikes outflank.  I scout forward and fail to seize.

Turn one sees some abysmal shooting for him He only kills two bikes from the plasma squad.  I move forward and show him just how abysmal my shooting can be as well.  I shoot 24 twin linked bolter shots into 5 pathfinders killing 2.  The vindicator hits the broadsides and does nothing.  I then fire six plasma shots, a plasma cannon, 8 twin linked plasma shots, psychic shriek and a bunch of bolters to a T5 riptide and did one wound.  Oh well guess I have to do this the hard way I charge the plasma bikes into eat the overwatch which they do and fail their charge.  The command squad hits Ovessa and does ...nothing.

His turn 2 he gets two crisis suit teams and Farsight.  Farsight lands behind the vindy which he then blows up.  Everything else proceeds to wipe the table with the rest of my army.  I tickle the riptide for one wound I think.  Take none in return we lock and I roll a 5 for hit and run.....
My turn 2 sees the three flamer bikes come in on the left.  With nothing to do the turbo boost on the left side to try and stay alive.  We slap fight a little more and stay stuck in combat.

His turn 3 the last crisis team comes.Farsight is making his way towards the combat.  The rest of his army happy to have targets wipes the turbo boosting bikes off the board.  Farsight charges into combat and promptly whiffs on all of his attacks.  The champion and librarian beat him into the dust.  Of course he sticks around and once again I roll a 5 for my consolidation......

My turn three everything comes on.  The three attack bikes come in on the right behind his hammer head on my right.  The stormraven comes in to line up a shot on the three man crisis suit team.  The attack bikes kill the hammer head taking three melta shots to do it.  The raven kills both crisis suits.  And finally the command squad goes nuts killing Ovessa of course in my turn. (I believe Sammael was down to one wound as was the libby)  Great I am now sitting in front of the broadsides, a hammer head and some crisis suits.

His turn 4 the kroot come in the lower left corner and start heading to an objective.  The command squad manages to only lose one guy.  The riptide lights up one attack bike erasing it.  I think he forgot that they are all one man units. The kroot run on to an objective in cover in the bottom.
My turn 4 the command squad shoots at the broadsides wiping out 2 and then multi charges them and the hammer head killing both.The raven drops into hover mode disgorging Coteaz and the henchmen who charge into another 2 man crisis suit wiping them out.  The raven and the attack bikes shoot at the other crisis suits managing to kill one.  One attack bike makes his charge into the crisis suit doing nothing.

His turn 5 the Riptide erases yet another attack bike, 5 pathfinders kill three henchmen. The other remaining crisis suit from his three man team takes refuge in the objective in the lower left corner.  I hit and run out of combat with his other suit.
My turn 5 the command squad head for the kroot, Sammael and the librarian head fo rthe lone crisis suit in the lower left corner.  Coteaz and his remaining guys shoot at the pathfinders killing three.  The raven introduces the kroot to mind strike missiles killing seven of them.  The lone attack bike kills off the last crisis suit on the right.  The command squad turbos towards the kroot.  The librarian and Sammael manage to kill off the last suit on the left, however somehow Sammael dies in the process.  I have two objectives he has one.  But the game goes on.

Turn 6 the Riptide and the pathfinders turn Coteaz and the henchmen into paste.  The kroot stand there as they went to ground last turn.
My turn six the command squad moves up to contest the objective the kroot are on.  The attack bike moves forward and then turbos back to his objective, the raven kills a few more kroot and the libby does some wheelies...

Turn 7 in his turn he makes a mistake instead of targeting my wounded attack bike driving around an objective he shoots the Riptide (the killer of attack bikes) into the command squad killing tow of them but leaving one remaining to contest the objective.  Had he shot my attack bike the best I could have done was tie.
My turn 7 I kill a few more kroot and maybe some pathfinders.

I possess one objective he has none.  I pick up 5 points for the primary.  I pick up 10 points for the secondary.  I also have slay the warlord and linebreaker.  He has slay the warlord and first blood.  I win 17 - 2.  Wow what a bloody game I have a librarian, a storm raven and one command squad guy left.  He has a Riptide, a few pathfinders and a kroot or two left.  Managing to eke out a win I move on to the next round.  He was a great guy to play against and won his next two games handily.


Black Blow Fly said...

Well played !!! This is a great edition for bikes.

swanson4969 said...

Thanks Steve. Will get the other battle reports up soon went 3-0 finished in third pretty happy with the way the list performed.