Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Well - something I haven't done before. My first book review.

WARNING - Spoilers below! I'm doing a story by story overview.

Overall I really liked the book. A nice read, good stories. Fine authors.

Blood Games - Dan Abnett

This was an ok story. Not Dan A's best - but decent tale. Good insight into the Custodes and the feel for old earth prior to the invasion by Horus. Overall a B.

Wolf at the Door - Mike Lee

Mikes a local guy from here in Nash-vegas. Really like his work a lot. This is a great story - going back to Bulfwye - the wolf lord of the 13th company he used in the last Ragnar book. Glad to see him taking the reigns of the Wolves and hope to see more of his work with them. Might have made the Wolf's a little more powerful than reality - but hey - they are heros. The ending seemed a bit harsh and shocking - but still one of the better stories in the book. Solid A

Scions of the Storm - Anthony Reynolds

The Word Bearer tales by Mr. Reynolds have been a couple of my favorite reads in the 40K universe lately. Almost got me inspired to do a WB army for the game. An interesting view back to his characters before the fall. Cool insight to the fall of the WB's and the mental imparities of their primarch. I give this one a B+ overall.

The Voice - James Swallow

This tale takes us down the path of a group of Sisters of Battle - right before Horus attacks Terra. Interesting story - not a lot of insight into the Pre-Heresy world - other than the dialogue about wondering if it was all true. Apparently the plot was that a Sister used some pyschic manifestation to go back in time to attempt to stop the heresy. A little weak. Still good insight into the interactions of the sisters and decent read. I give it a B- overall.

Call of the Lion - Gav Thorpe

First - I like Gave Thorpe and I like most of his books. However, I'm not a fan of how he depicts the Dark Angels. Still this confusing vaguely hinted at schism in the ranks (we all know what happened on Caliban) - but no definate details. A good story - but doesn't add anything to the overall Heresy story. Was disappointed a little here. I give it a C.

The Last Church - Graham McNeil

A great little tale - off the beaten path of 40K stories. A lot of religious overtones and the first time that any author has taken a shot at giving you insight into the Emperor's personality. A fine tale - with a twist at the end. Much enjoyed - solid A. Graham continues to provide me a lot of enjoyment with his works!

After Desh'ea - Matthew Farrer

Ok - so I figured the last story would be kind of the filler - especially after the GM story above. Man was I wrong! I loved this one - my favorite of the book. It details Kharn's first meeting with Angron. WOW - good insight into the working of the Blood God's soon to be favorite primarch. A much different take on Kharn also - he was a good guy - before he became a traitor. Loved IT! A+ - Great job. I hadn't really been able to get into his books before - but may need to go back and try again after this one.

Overall an excellent read! Great book - can't wait for the Wolf and Thousand Son's stories coming soon!

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