Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Adepticon 2009

Played in all three events - had a blast!

Gladiator - 2250 Chaos - all Nurgle except for 1 lash Sorcerer - no forgeworld - like taking a knife to a gunfight!

Game 1 - against a chaos Marine with Warhound titan. Night fight for all game. Deep struck oblits next to warhound - took out 1 arm weapon. Warhound runs away from Oblits (demon prince killed them bad) - but too close to dread. Dread assaults - lays the smack down and drops the warhound. Rest of his army breaks on the rock that Nurgle is - Max point win for me. Great opponent and good guy - had a blast.

Game 2 - deployment is short edge of table - playing against Angorroth the Undefeated and Fateweaver combo - along with 2 princes and a Grinder + several regular demons. Angorroth is hideous! 888 points - 8 wounds - fateweaver lets him reroll everything - unstoppable. I basically won this game by playing the objective and using Nurgle toughness. Good dude from Tampa as my opponent.

Game 3 - against the Reaver Titan my buddy Sabote also faced in 4th round. My only chance was to deep strike oblits in close to him - but the inquisitor with 2 mystics lets him nominate another unit to shoot - and that was the Reaver. Reaver has 9 5" D template shots - 3 at 3 seperate units. HIDEOUS and UNSTOPPABLE unless you have another one or are very lucky. I think the oblits were the only non-f'world thing that could stand up to them - but needed all good luck to work. Pulled a big fat ZERO.

(I played against the white Reaver in this pic)

Game 4 - Against Guard with a Marauder bomber. Great opponent and one of my funnest games of the entire tournament. Marauder is cool but not over the top. Nurgle was annihilating the guard - but so many to kill and so little time. I took primary - he got secondary - a minor win for me (I think). Was a great game.

Sabote coveres the team stuff below. Our 8 Landraider's looked impressive - but performed not so well. Missions played against our army a lot. Still had a lot of fun. Our team - from left to right: Gimli, Sabote, Corwindal, Aldonis. We were dead middle of the pack overall. Good on battle points and theme. Painting was shaky. We had a rough time our second game and had issues with our sportsmanship (which was otherwise perfect) - just bad karma I guess - we didn't gell - personally disappointed as Sportsmanship is something I really strive to do well on. But, sometimes you have to stand up to blatant cheating.

Saturday team games.

1st game
- was against a witch hunter guard army we both won our games. Sabote was teamed with Aldonis and Corwindal and Gimli were together.

2nd game: was against Chaos. Corwindal and Aldonis lost- this is the game the guys had a non valid list. Gimli and Sabote drawed our opponents. We almost tabled them. But a lucky shot on their part at the end gave them a draw. Gimli killed Abadddon though Smile

3rd game
- Gimli/Aldonis played a chaos/demon list and lost. Corwindal and Sabote played a ork/nob army and pulled a draw out of the game.

4th game
- Corwindal/Gimli won their game against a Marine army. Aldonis and Sabote won our game against a Marine army

40K Nationals: Great tournament - with an average showing from me. Ran pure Nurgle Deathguard.

Game 1 - against a Witch Hunter army a kid from MN ran - fun game - after I took the organ cannon gun off the big tank - I pretty well ran rough shod over his army. 28 point win.

Game 2 - against a Chaos army - nurgle and slaanesh - with two lash demon princes. My favorite opponent of all the games - cool guy from Dallas that I've invited to our forums and hope joins. We played a slap and tickle love fest shooting game for a few turns. Pivotable moment - Chaos lord with plague bringer charges 4 termies - if I drop them - I can continue in to the objective. Roll a 1 for attacks - take a wound - termies slice and dice me with claws and chainfists - then kill remaining 2 troops squads. I lose big. Fun game and great opponent. It's cool when the guy who wipes the floor with you is still one of your favorite opponents.

Game 3 - against an ork Horde. Well balanced and good ork army from a kid from Tampa Fl. We slug it out. Nurgle Marines in hth with even 30 orks are like a tar pit for the orks. 2 squads of plague marines in hth with 40 some orks for 3 rounds - and were still swatting at them at the end. We wound up with a draw. Oh yeah - in two rounds of combat - the same Chaos lord rolled 2 more ones for number of attacks. Dung'er - PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE take the curse from me!!!!

So 1-1-1 for me - I'm sure middle of the pack.

Best showing for me was Gladiator - 3-1 and was surprisingly a lot of fun and great challenges - except for the game vs the Reaver Titan - which is just overpowering.

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