Friday, September 26, 2008

BNB Fall League - Mantis Legion

Mantis Legion

My local gaming club has recently started a fall league for 40K, just in line with the release of the Black Reach set and upcoming new Space Marine 'dex. I have decided to use this as a motivator/opportunity to start a new army. I have always liked the color scheme and back ground around the Mantis Legion, so I have chosen them as my newest project.

For those unfamiliar with the fluff, the Mantis Legion was misled into joining up with Huron Blackheart when the Astral Claws went rogue. After several battles against the Emperium, the Legion realized the errors of it's ways, repented, and turned on Huron. They were absolved of their Sins, but forced to carry out a 100 year crusade to show penance. At the end, you have a group that is battle tested and intent on showing their loyalty to the Emperor.

Our league starts with a 1000 point force - perfect to begin a new army. After three league games, I've managed a win against Ork's and Marines + a draw with another Marine army. Not too bad of a beginning. After being intense in the tournament circuit the past couple of years, it's nice to step back and make a fluffy, fun army - which I'm trying to do with these guys. Currently still using the older Marine Codex - but will probably switch to the new one in October.

Here's my initial list:

HQ: Captain (1#, 163 Pts)
1 Captain @ 163 Pts
Frag Grenades; Krak Grenades; Lightning Claw (x1); Plasma Pistol (x1)
1 Artificer Armor @ [20] Pts
1 Iron Halo @ [25] Pts
1 Terminator Honors @ [15] Pts

Elite: Venerable Dreadnought (1#, 140 Pts)
1 Venerable Dreadnought @ 140 Pts
Dreadnought CCW; Storm Bolter; Assault Cannon; Tank Hunters; Venerable; Extra Armor

Troops: Tactical Squad (5#, 106 Pts)
4 Tactical Squad @ 106 Pts
Bolter (x2); Flamer (x1); Missile Launcher (x1)
1 Sergeant @ [30] Pts
Bolt Pistol (x1); Close Combat Weapon (x1); Terminator Honors

Troops: Tactical Squad (5#, 126 Pts)
4 Tactical Squad @ 126 Pts
Bolter (x2); Plasmagun (x1); Lascannon (x1)
1 Sergeant @ [41] Pts
Frag Grenades; Bolt Pistol (x1); Power Weapon (x1); Terminator Honors

Troops: Tactical Squad (6#, 145 Pts)
5 Tactical Squad @ 145 Pts
Bolter (x3); Plasmagun (x1); Lascannon (x1)
1 Sergeant @ [45] Pts
Bolt Pistol (x1); Power Fist (x1); Terminator Honors

Heavy Support: Devastator Squad (5#, 185 Pts)
4 Devastator Squad @ 185 Pts
Lascannon (x2); Missile Launcher (x2)
1 Sergeant @ [15] Pts

Heavy Support: Devastator Squad (5#, 135 Pts)
4 Devastator Squad @ 135 Pts
Heavy Bolter (x4)
1 Sergeant @ [15] Pts

Total Roster Cost: 1000

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