Monday, March 7, 2011

Battle For Stones River 2011

Last weekend I had the fun of playing in the third - or maybe fourth - annual Battle for Stones River Tournament held in Murfreesboro, TN.  The tourney is based around the Civil War battle of the same name - uses 1863 Points (the year of the tourney), each table has a river with bridges and forges.  There is no such thing as a bad day of 40K - but from a won/loss standpoint - this was a rough tournament.  Played my Space Wolves.

Here's the run down:

Game One - Agaist Gary Morris (think that's right), really nice guy from M'Boro - running Imperial Guard. We played slap and Tickle all game - both denying the other objectives. At the end, I failed to score a final kill point for that objective. A true sissy fight for us with the final score being like 3-0 for Gary.  Think we gave up a total of 4 kill points together. Like kissing your sister.

Game Two - against some Dickhead running a blue Tau army. What an @sshole - always dicking me over on the rules, arguing every point, telling me that Kroot had strength 6 instant death power weapons that disallowed invulnerable saves and gave the kroot initiative 9 - that killed even characters with Eternal Warrior - thus causing Logan to die to Kroot. I was amazed to see all the blantant dickery and cheating that I found out once I got home and really checked the codex. Crisis suits do NOT have invulnerable saves and move like Jetbikes. Tau Tanks are not fast vehicles with the Tau equivalent of Machine Spirit. Drones to not have feel no pain. Fire Warriors do NOT have c'tan death weapons. All Tau do not have Preferred Enemy-Space Wolves. Unbelievable the level of cheating that this rat bastard pulled in our game! So really I didn't lose to Tau after all - it was all a communist inspired plot against me.

14-0 against me. (just funning Shannon (my fellow BnB'er) - nice game - you smoked me good - I have new respect for the Tau - especially Buffalo style).  I've always had this running banter with him that Tau Suck and taste like chicken - guess payback IS hell.

So after two games - I have zero battle points. To make this a totally perfect day - I figure my next game will be against Dung and he'll table me - then I'll Play Johnny (Marine) and lose to him too (brand new player having his first tourney).
Fortunately - things began to improve. Drew Nate (our new friend of the BNB). We had a hard fought - go either way battle against his Chaos list. Manage to avoid the death engine that is Kharn and actually scored a few points. Win for me - close game. Think I got 16 pts.

Game Four - down to sh*ts and giggles time. Drew a guy named Steve Dzybey who has a outstanding Nurgle army that GMM did for him. Was kinda funny that my Wolves (painted by Next Level who learned from GMM) were playing against and army painted by Brandon. Was a sweet looking table for sure. We had a good close game - I got the advantage on kill points and highest point cost - lost the quarters - 12-8 win for me.

So congrats to Teeny-Weenie for overall (Kevin Drury), Lord Monki (Tau-rrific Shannon who I played in round 2) on sports, and STD (Keith "The Hoff" Hoffman) for best painted. The BNB really dominated this year (no thanks to me - but my job is ride the coat tails of others).


Here's a link to "The Hammercast" an outstanding podcast that covered the event.   The "OFFICIAL" podcast of the Blade and Bolter Boyz.

Hat's off to Bossman and Chris at Grand Adventures in Murfreesboro for running another great event.  Here are the INCREDIBLE trophies that they gave out:


Kevin said...

To those wondering why my pic is sans-hooters girls. Its because I nearly skewered one of them with my "trophy" when I first unsheathed it.

I would later go on to stab and nearly stab 4-5 other people, including Black Library author Mike Lee :( . Strategic acumen does not translate into balance and spacial awarenes....

Josh_theMexican said...

Sorry to see the Logan Wing fail so miserably in its outing... Losing to Tau?...TAU?! ;)

I thought your army looked very impressive, and it's good to hear you had fun with it. Good job rallying to destroy the heretical forces of Chaos twice in a row!

And Kevin, you may not have spAcial awareness, but the rest of us are now very aware of how spEcial you are. *insert sad trombone*

Aldonis said...

LOL - I should be flogged for how badly I generalled them. Hindsight - played better - all my games were winnable.

Poetic justice to lose to Tau and Shannon.

My biggest problem here (in my opinion) is that I've been flip/floppping between my Ultramarine Biker army - that needs to be played with finesse and caution - and My Wolves - which are in your face go forward and kill. What I'm finding is that it takes me a few games to switch tactically between the two. Once I'm there - it works ok (ala game 3 and 4 at BFSR) for me. Those armies are at such extremes though - for me - that I can't make the immediate switch.