Sunday, August 21, 2011

'Aard Boyz Battle Report

Ok - so I have never played in 'ard Boyz before.   Never.    For some reason, either schedule, number of gaming weekends I can talk the wife into, etc - I've never been able to go.   This year - one of the local gaming stores - Wargames LLC - had a spot open up and the owner (Baxter - all round great guy) asked me if I'd like it.   We'd just had a long trip over to Sabote land on a visit/family trip this summer - so I had a lot of good will built up with the wife, and decided to give it a go.

I was originally going to run a 6 Land Raider Blood Angel list - think that a heck of a lot of Land Raiders for someone to deal with in one game.  But towards the last minute - decided to go with a modified Draigo Wing'sh Grey Knight army.

Army was something like this:

2 X 5 man Paladins (apothecary and 2 Psycannons)
1 x 10 man Interceptor squad with 2 Psy's
1x10 man Purgation Squad with 4 Psy's
2 x Venerable Psy-flman Dreads

A lot of firepower - resilient in HTH - overall a pretty balanced all comers list.

My rundown:

Game 1 - vs Jason's bugs.   Was a little concerned with the matchup - I wasn't sure I could keep the bugs off me.   Worked out well though - managed to divide and conquer them pretty well.   Low point was Dreadknight dying to Hormagaunt swarm.  High point was Pally squad nuke Hive Tryrant along with Draigo single handedly taking out full squad of winged warriors and then hunting down a remaining Zoanthrope for a KP.   Got the Massacre here plus a couple bonus points for 22.

Game 2 - vs Chip's Ultramarines.   Was an interesting matchup against a well balanced Marine army.   Chip had a lot of firepower and a good HTH hammer with assault termies - led by a Libby.   First half of the game I felt like I was pulling things my way - but in late game - I needed to push forward for middle objective which was a kill zone for Chips remaining firepower + his well positioned assault marines.    I had to go forward, but in hindsight should have pushed further away to avoid the assault marines(maybe).   Chip hammered me in late game for a Major win.   Low Point - poor tactics with Interceptors - basically threw them away.   High Point - Incinerator from Dreadknight dropping two speeders with one shot.  Chip out played me and got a well deserved win - managed 3 points.

Game three vs Colin and his Guard.   I was worried some here - lots of big tanks and firepower with vendettas and Creed for a commander.  It was dawn of war and the center of the board had a nice big ruin in the middle - I got first and put both Pally's there with the Libby.   Turned out to be the key - they held the board and decided the game from there.  The rest of the game turned out to be Knights shooting down guard and making a crap ton of saves.   Pulled a major here.   High point was initial deployment a big deciding factor.  Low point was the luckiest guardsman in the world - who got to live after my demonhammer wielding Justicar wiffed in HTH.

So - was in shock when I gave Baxter my scores and he says I'm in second.  Wow!   Then my friend Dung'er comes up and gives his score - and he's massacred his guy.   We are tied on total points!   VP wise he had the edge and got second and I got third.  Chip won it all and it was well deserved.

So - at Wargames - I had great opponents, fun games, and really had a ball.   An enjoyable day that I really needed after a high level of work stress the past few weeks.  Now to see if I can swing making the second round.....


swanson4969 said...

Love to see that you and Dung did well. Congrats and good luck on the second round.

Black Blow Fly said...

Great job Al ! I like your list bro.