Saturday, November 19, 2011

2012 Tournaments

Well - 2011 is almost done and we are staring at 2012 hard in the face.  So I'm already starting to make my plans for my tournament schedule for the year.    It's cool that so many tournaments - both local and national exist - and I'm looking forward to getting into as many as I can this year.

So far here is whats on the list:

Battle for Stones River:   Great little local tournament ran by Grand Adventures in M'boro.  It's based around the Civil War battle of the same name:  1863 points, rivers and bridges on all boards.  Around a 50'sh person total tournament.  Good missions, well run little tournament - and local as well.

Adepticon 2012:   The big poppa of all tournaments.   Team and Nationals sold out in two days this year.  Once again I will journey with my brothers to Chi-town - meet up with great friends (Swanson - we pick you to buy the first round this year) - and play some tough games of 40K.   You have to go to this to experience it - the Mecca of 40K tournament geekiness.

The Kalm before the Waaagh:   In all honesty, the only tournament I go to where I truly don't care how I do - and just want to play and have fun.  It's held in a bar.   Whacky missions.    The TO is a true gentleman and someone I call friend - Mr. George Flowers.  Last year mother nature whacked this one with a massive tornado - but I hope it's back for 2012.

The America's Team Championship:   This is now my most fun tournament.   It's put on by Dicehead Games and Grand Adventures - 5 man teams ala ETC format.  I'm back with my same team for last year - all locked and loaded to play.  Held in Cleveland this year - it WILL be a blast and is a must do tournament as far as I'm concerned.

That's it for now.  I will try a few local events as they occur.   One smaller local shop - Wargames LLC has been running great little fun tourneys that I've been enjoying.    Just fun things.


swanson4969 said...

Hey Al when is the Battle for Stones River?

Aldonis said...

Looks like February. You thinking of coming down? You need something to wear your spiffy blue shirt to!

swanson4969 said...

Well see how things are but I would like to

loken said...

stones river is now 70 people and on the gt list. no longer a small tourney

Bikeninja said...

Yeah they are going all out this year. I cannot wait. Probably go with my Grey Knights now that my Fists have suffered disaster. I need to finish painting that army anyway.