Sunday, June 17, 2012

Necrons vs Blood Angels - 2k Batrep

I played a game versus Blood Angels today with my Wraithwing.

- HQ -
Destroyer Lord - Sempiternal Weave, Res Orb, Warscythe, Taychon Arrow

Royal Court:

- Troops -
15x Warrior
8x Immortal - Tesla Carbine
8x Immortal - Tesla Carbine

- Fast Attack -
6x Canoptek Wraith - 4x Whip Coil & 2x Particle Caster
6x Canoptek Wraith - 4x Whip Coil & 2x Particle Caster
9x Canoptek Scarab

- Heavy Support -
3x Canoptek Spyder - Gloom Prism
3x Canoptek Spyder - Gloom Prism

Immotekh + Warriors + ChronoTek
Immortals + PulseTek

Blood Angels
- HQ -
Librarian - Shield of Sanguinius & Unleash Rage

- Elites -
8x Assault Terminator - 3x Lightning Claws & 5x Thunderhammer|Stormshield
8x Assault Terminator - 3x Lightning Claws & 5x Thunderhammer|Stormshield
10x Sternguard - Heavy Flamer - Rhino

- Troops -
5x Assault Marine - Flamer - Razorback: Twin Linked Plasmagun & Lascannon
5x Assault Marine - Flamer - Razorback: Twin Linked Plasmagun & Lascannon
10x Tactical Marine - Multi-Melta & Flamer - Rhino

- Heavy Support -
Predator - Autocannon Turret & Lascannon Sponsons
Predator - Autocannon Turret & Lascannon Sponsons

- Fast Attack -
Baal Predator - Twin Linked Assault Cannon Turret & Heavy Bolter Sponsons

Librarian + Terminator Squad

BeakyCon (Deployment - Dawn of War):

All three objectives from the rulebook are in play:

— Seize Ground (SG) - Two Objective Markers - Each placed 12" x 12" in opposite table corners
— Capture & Control (SG) - Place Objective Marker during your deployment
— Kill Points

Objective Markers count as impassable terrain. SG and C&C objective markers must be placed at least 9" apart.

Whoever controls the most objectives by the end of the game wins. If there is a draw on objectives then the game goes to pure victory points as the tie breaker.

There are six fixed turns with a final seventh on random game length.

I won the roll for initiative and went second. My opponent started the game with only the tactical Marines on the table in their rhino. Everything else except for one squad of terminators (without Librarian) would walk onto the table the first turn. The other squad of terminators would deep strike. My opponent placed his C&C objective marker in the center of the table.

I deployed Immotekh with the Warriors and the ChronoTek behind a piece of LOS blocking terrain back along my long table edge. Everything else would walk on the first turn. I placed my C&C objective marker in the opposite table quarter from the SG objective marker in my deployment zone.

Pre Game Analysis
I rarely ever win against this particular opponent so I knew I had to bring my A game. That said I know my Wraithwing is good versus mechanized armies so I felt I could have a chance to win if I played smart. My opening plan was to castle up around Immotekh, draw the Blood Angels in and drop the proverbial hammer.

Top of 1st Turn - Blood Angels
Everything else comes in from his long table edge except for the squad of deep striking terminators. One assault squad in a razorback and one of the regular predators come in across the table from my C&C objective marker. The rest of his army comes in grouped together across the table from Immotekh and my blob of Warriors. The transports use their fast movement to barrel ahead full speed. All of his vehicles pop smoke in anticipation of the coming lightning storm. The terminators with the Librarian move on and run in an attempt to catch up with the rest of his army.

No shooting this turn as nothing can see Immotekh and the Warriors.

No assaults.

Bottom of 1st Turn - Necrons
One squad of Immortals comes in beside my C&C objective marker while the other one (PulseTek joined to this squad) comes in beside my SG objective marker. Both squads of Wraiths come in on either side of the building hiding Immotekh and the Warrior blob. Both squads of Spyders move forward to form a screen for the scarabs. The Destroyer Lord joins Immotekh and the Warriors.

Lightning then goes off immobilizing the predator across the table from my C&C objective marker.

No assaults.

KP - BA: 0
KP - Necrons: 0

Top of 2nd Turn - Blood Angels
Deep striking terminators fail to arrive. Assault squad in razorback beside the immobilized predator sits still. The rest of the transports barrel ahead towards my castle along with the other predator. The Baal predator hangs back while the Librarian and his terminators move and run forward.

Night Fight is kind to the Necrons - I only take a single wound on a Wraith from my opponent's combined shooting.

No assaults.

Bottom of 2nd Turn - Necrons
Immotekh keeps Night Fight up and running. Spyders spawn six more scarab bases and take no wounds in the process. Both squads of Wraiths jump up landing in front of the tactical Marines' rhino and an assault squad's razorback. Spyders move forward and scarabs surge in behind them. Immortals with PulseTek move forward to gain better shooting position.

Lightning goes off again immobilizing the Sternguard's rhino, destroying one of the assault squad's razorback (in front of Wraiths) and also wrecks the tactical Marines' rhino. Tactical Marines fail their pinning check. Both squads of Wraiths charge the assault squad and tactical Marines. Tactical Marines are butchered all except for one bolter Marine who breaks and falls back while assault squad is destroyed. Both squads of Wraiths consolidate back in an attempt to avoid a charge from the Librarian and terminators.

KP - BA: 0
KP - Necrons: 3

Top of 3rd Turn - Blood Angels
Terminators in reserve arrive and attempt to land beside my Immortals with the PulseTek but mishap and luckily go right back into reserve. Librarian and his terminators move up to charge one squad of Wraiths.

Combined shooting drops one squad of Wraiths down to two while the other squad of Wraiths lose one.

Librarian and his terminators charge the large squad of Wraiths. I lose three more Wraiths in the ensuing melee but manage to drop two terminators. Wraiths pass all their No Retreat armor saves.

Bottom of 3rd Turn - Necrons
Immotekh successfully keeps the storm brewing and Spyders spawn six more scarab bases then one squad of Spyders move forward to intercept Librarian and terminators with a counter assault. The squad of two Wraiths jump over to assault the Sternguard. Warriors come out from behind the building to pelt the Sternguard with gauss while the Immortals with the PulseTek move up to shoot them as well.

Lightning goes off and splats the lone tactical Marine. Shooting from the Warriors and Immortals drop a few Sternguard.

Spyders assault the terminators. Wraiths assault the Sternguard. Wraiths already in melee with the terminators drop down to one while the Spyders lose one and eat three more terminators. Both my squads pass their No Retreat armor save. Wraiths assaulting the Sternguard drop them down to two remaining and I lose one Wraith. Sternguard fail their morale check, are caught by the Wraiths and pass their No Retreat armor saves.

KP - BA: 0
KP - Necrons: 4

Note - At this point midway through the battle I'm holding one SG objective marker and one C&C objective marker with my two squads of Immortals. The other SG objective marker is open and the other C&C objective marker is contested. I'm well ahead on kill points. If the deep striking terminator squad had been destroyed due to the mishap or I could have placed them on the table I'd say at this point the game is in the Necrons' bag but depending on where they arrive the Blood Angels still have a chance.

Top of 4th Turn - Blood Angels
Terminators held in reserve fail to show again. Last remaining assault squad in a razorback moves flatout towards my Immortals holding my C&C objective marker - they are approximately 12" away and the Immortals are in a ruin. Mobile predator moves on top of a hill at the center of the table.

Baal predator fires at my Warriors but fails the Night Fight spotting distance. Mobile predator fires at my Immortals holding the C&C objective marker but they pass their armor saves and the one wounded by a lascannon passes its check for Reanimation Protocol (RP) standing back up.

The lone Wraith is dragged down by the two Sternguard while my other last Wraith fighting the terminators is also snuffed. Spyders bring down the last of the terminators and the Librarian breaks but does not fall back far enough to be able to regroup the next turn.

Bottom of the 4th Turn - Necrons
Immotekh successfully keeps Night Fight up again for another turn! Spyders spawn five more scarab bases. Scarabs move in the direction towards the remaining two Sternguard and Baal predator. Warriors with Immotekh and Destroyer Lord shift back behind the building again moving towards the centrally located C&C objective marker. The two Spyders left from the terminator combat amble up beside the Librarian.

Lightning shakes the assault Marines' razorback and weapon destroys the lascannon. Warriors run toward the central C&C objective marker sitting beside the mobile predator. PulseTek shoots at the Baal predator but misses. Immortals holding my C&C objective fire on the assault Marines' razorback but fail to inflict any further damage. Scarabs run towards the Sternguard and Baal predator.

Spyders charge the Librarian and eat him. Scarabs multi-assault the Sternguard and Baal predator destroying both. Scarabs consolidate back towards the center as do the Spyders.

KP - BA: 2
KP - Necrons: 7

Top of the 5th Turn - Blood Angels
Terminators automatically arrive from reserve and land beside my Immortals with the PulseTek holding my SG objective marker (minimal scatter). Assault Marines' razorback tank shocks the Immortals but they hold.

Mobile predator fires at my Warriors, knocks two down but they stand up again thanks to RP along with the Destroyer Lord's res orb. Terminators run towards my Immortals.

No assaults this turn.

Bottom of the 5th Turn - Necrons
Immotekh finally fails to keep the storm a brewing - I'm not complaining as the lightning inflicted lots of major damage over the course of the game. Spyders spawn five more scarab bases. Scarabs then move to shield my Immortals with the PulseTek. Immortals with PulseTek then move away from the terminators leaving my SG objective marker behind. Destroyer Lord detaches from Warriors to go hunting for the mobile predator. Spyders move up behind scarabs ready to intercept the second squad of terminators if they can fight their way through the scarabs. Warriors move towards the central C&C objective marker. My other squad of Immortals surround the assault Marines' razorback.

Scarabs run spreading out further to cut off the terminators. Destroyer Lord fires his Tachyon Arrow into the mobile predator and immobilizes it. Warriors run onto the central C&C objective marker while the Immortals with the PulseTek also run onto it. The other squad of Immortals shoot the razorback and manage to shake it.

Destroyer Lord charges the predator and destroys it. Immortals charge the razorback but fail to inflict any damage. Note that I don't charge the terminators with my scarabs to conserve wounds since the terminators will be forced to charge them the next turn... Thunderhammers can quickly cut through a large brood so I want to tarpit them as long as possible... The terminators will get the extra attacks due to the charge bonus but not enough to cut them all down whereas if I had charged them they could kill them all in two rounds of melee and possibly reach my scoring units in the seventh turn with a good roll for consolidation.

KP - BA: 2
KP - Necrons: 8

Note - One C&C objective marker is held by Necrons and the other is contested. Both SG objective markers are open.

Top of the 6th Turn - Blood Angels
Blood Angels are down to just four remaining units. Necrons are far ahead on kill points. The terminators and assault Marines really have their work cut out for them going into what could be the final turn.

Assault Marines disembark. Terminators prepare to charge the scarabs.

Assault Marines shoot the Immortals and drop one.

Assault Marines then charge the Immortals and sweep them (they now hold one of the C&C objective markers). Terminators charge the scarabs inflicting huge damage but a few scarab bases remain intact maintaining the tarpit.

Bottom of the 6th Turn - Necrons
Not much left to do now except for throwing my Spyders in front of the terminators to cut them off again when they finish off the last of the scarabs. Destroyer Lord also moves on an intercept course for the terminators as well.

No shooting this turn.

Terminators finish off the last of the scarabs and consolidate towards the waiting Spyders.

KP - BA: 4
KP - Necrons: 8

We roll for a seventh and final turn - the game continues on !

Top of the 7th Turn - Blood Angels
Terminators advance towards the Spyders. Assault Marines sit still.

Terminators assault the squad of two Spyders, destroying them but lose three in return. They consolidate towards the next squad of waiting Spyders.

We call the game at this point. We are tied on C&C while I'm still ahead on kill points by three.

Final result - Necron win !!

Post Game Analysis
Well that was a good one for the Wraithwing. Like I said I rarely ever win against this particular opponent. In the past I think our army matchups have favored him plus he is definitely one of the better players in my area. I know what my Wraithwing can do to mechanized armies so I felt going into the game that I would be in a good position to win this time.

Lightning was devastating as usual versus mech. The Wraiths did their job cutting down two of the three enemy scoring units and also took down a few terminators with them. The Spyders were MVP this game going toe to toe with the assault terminators... My rolls for them to hit in melee were smoking hot which really helped a lot. It was a lost cause with the one squad of Immortals sitting all by them selves on my C&C objective marker but I put them over there to hopefully bait the deep strking terminators so not much of an overall impact on the game.

I'm sure if my opponent had it to do over he would have deployed differently. The one squad of deep striking terminators not arriving until the fifth turn really hurt him. If they had come in sooner and not mishapped that could have certainly influenced the game. As it was though they got tarpitted by the scarabs and didn't have much of an impact.

So an impressive win for the Wraithwing. Necrons definitely have all the necessary tools to demech mechanized armies.

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