Thursday, July 5, 2012

Anticipation waiting to really get into 6th

All right I have had the book for almost a week now and have been perusing it.  So far I like some of it and other parts not so much.  I am really looking forward to the new edition as it I think a change was needed just to freshen things up.  I have been trying to avoid jumping to deeply in it due tho the ATC coming up next weekend.  I figure I have enough problems trying to remember one rule sets much less two.  However there are already a few things in it I don't like.  There a re a couple things that already make my Mordrak list unplayable.  The first is having to put half of your units on the table.  My list was based on reserving everything and showing up en masse.  However this is not possible now.  The second is the stupid challenge mechanism.  The only way Mordrak was really useful was he could not be singled out in combat so you could actually use his hammer.  Now he will be challenged all the time and it will be pretty tough to accept because when he dies the ghost knights go away.  I am going to really have to re evaluate the Mordrak concept.  The thing I don't like is it seems like the new edition is pushing GK players more into Draigo and his paladins which I am not a big fan of.  However Draigo is going to be a killing machine in this new edition and will be running rough shod all over people.  You can't challenge him and live and he is going to soak up so many shots for those paladins he is leading.  Oh well looking forward to getting together with the BNB boys for the ATC.  I may just have to change my list to a Mordrak one just to bring him out one more time....

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