Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Adepticon 2014

Another Adepticon has come and gone. Great time again this year! This was the 7th time I've made the trip there.

Thursday, Sabote and I played in the Championships. For me, primarily a warm up for the team tourney.

I was running basically my BFSR army with more Grav Guns - Khan/Chapter master, bunch of bikes, Coteaz, Strike Squad, Storm Raven.

Round 1: Iyanden Army: WKnight, Farseerer, several Serpents, bunch of WGuard, guardian squad, 2 small jetbike squads, WarWalkers, and a Crimson Hunter. Managed a full point win.

Round 2: Against a nigh unbeatable army for me to face - Triple Heldrake, tri-demon prince (allied Demons), Fateweaver, cultists/Plaguebearers. I danced around but ultimately lost everything.

Round 3: Similar army with seven demon princes and a GUO and a few little troops. In one of my finest tournament games I killed all but 1 prince for a full point win.

Round 4: Similar army to mine but with SW allies and a Bear Lord and Runepriest on their bike squad. Basically the SuperFriends list online. Back and forth game, but he won the war of attrition. Salvaged a few points at end, but lost.

2 and 2 for the tournament, 53rd overall out of 226 - top 25% - Happy Al.

Friday was a hang out day with everyone. Fun time - bought some stuff.

Saturday/Sunday was team tournament. Sperky couldn't make it this year, but Greg Swanson jumped in to help us out. Sabote and I ran Whitescar bike lists + I had Khan and he had Captain - Command Squads and a LOT of bikes. Matt ran Deathwing and Greg Ravenwing. 


Round 1 was against Tau/Marine combination - Major wins on both tables. Sabote/Al and Greg/Matt. Brian and I bravely hid under THEIR Landing Pad for cover and sniped them for a tabling. Believe that Matt/Greg had a draw or loss?

Round 2 was against Eldar/Eldar - Al/Greg and Matt/Brian. Tight games against a beautiful army. Greg and I won max by tabling them on last turn - but we were hurting badly. Think Matt/Brian got near max.

Round Three had Matt/Al and Brian/Greg. Matt and I faced Eldar/Marines - Brian/Greg hit dual Tau and a ton of Riptides. Matt and I dance with them and pull a minor victory. Greg/Brian hit a buzz saw for a loss.

Day one ends with us doing reasonably well. 

Day two - Round Four:  Brian/Al and Greg/Matt in captains choice. We face Tau/Eldar combo. They win roll to go first. Sabote sacrifices a chicken to seize. We annihilate them. One of the guys actually says "Game Over Man....Game Over" before we even move a bike. Think Matt/Greg pull a draw.

Round Five: To end the tourney - Brian/Al and Matt/Greg are again the combo. Tough matchup for us with Eldar/DE Beaststar. Matt/Greg pull double Eldar. They go first - it's going to be rough. Brian has great idea to run up edge and refuse flank them. We are able to alpha strike the beasts and break them off the board - but they bleed us good for a turn before we can hit them. Hard, back and forth game - but at the end we get 18 points to 10 for them. Victory. Matt/Greg pull minor win I believe.

And after 4 fun filled days - it was over. BnB managed a respectable 21st place out of 120 teams. Good marks for us as a team. I was undefeated in team games for first time.

Sabote and I are now 21-0 in team games. I could never ask for a better battle brother no matter if our run continues or not!

Team Tourney is the jewel of this tournament. A total blast to play in and something that we've done very well in over the years.

2008 - 52nd place
2009 - 43rd place
2010 - 6th place
2011 - 6th place
2012 - 10th place
2013 - 26th place (won the headhunter award this year)
2014 - 21st place

Usually 120 teams in total - so always in top half and we were bridesmaids a couple years.

Thanks to my battle brothers for another great year!

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