Monday, July 28, 2008

Big Waagh Results

Here's my rundown of my 5 GT games. I ran my Tri-Falcon/Harly/Eldrad/Avatar list - the last hurrah for the flying circus.

Game One - played against Kevin? Greene from Louisiana. He had a SWEET Khorne based Chaos army based on the Wizard of Oz. One of the coolest armies I've seen. Mission was Smokey and the Bandit. Objectives - get the beer off the board, kill the enemy Bandit, Get "Big Enos" below half strength, Victory points. We had a good game - I was able to kill the bandit, Kill Big Enos, and win VP - but the Beer wound up in my deployment zone at the end and I was unable to get if across the board (only able to move max of 18" with the beer). 14 VP's for me.

Game Two - against a kid named Kendall with spikey red hair running Orks. 10 nobz on warbikes with warboss and painboy - around 700 pts in one unit. Snikrot, Vulture guys, a big mob, a battlewagon, a small mob in a truk. Mission was Dukes of Hazard - table quarters, Get the Moonshine, Protect Uncle Jessie's Still (most VP;s in enemy's deployment at end), Hold My Beer and Watch this (most Dangerous Terrain tests). All terrain was difficult and dangerous on the board. I killed Snikrot and the Vulchers + the big squad - but couldn't get enough to get the other items. Game only went through 3 turns. 0 points for me. Don't mind the zero - it happens - but felt like it was less being outplayed and more just being bogged down and slow played.

Game Three - against a good old boy from Mississippi named Greg who was running Black Templars. Good fun game. Mission was Forrest Gump - Get the box of chocolates off the board, Get Lt. Dan (your highest pt HQ) killed in battle, Most VP's in opponent Deployment, and secure the most pieces of terrain. Basically a rough matchup for Greg - shot the be-jesus out of him. Got all the objectives except for failing miserable to get Eldrad killed - had him in HTH with powerfists, chaplains, etc - not a wound to be taken. 15 VP's for me.

Second Day

Game four - played against Boomer Wilson - nice guy from Memphis. He was running Blood Angels - a tough matchup for my list. Mission was clerks - Objectives: VP's, Move your "Dante" (nominated HQ unit) into enemy's Store (building in their deployment zone), Kill enemy's Dante, Move a beer counter into your store. Pretty rough game for my opponent. Avatar/Eldrad/Harly's annihilate death co and Lemartes. Sweep into other troops. Basically tabled the guy. He did keep me from getting the beer into my store. 15 VPS for me. Opponent took it reasonably of those games you almost feel sorry for the other guy on.

Game Five - Against Brian Higgins - from Alabama. He's running what at first glance looked like a weak Eldar list. First glances can be deceiving. Mission is "Apocalypse Now" Objectives: Kill enemy's COl. Kurtz (highest VP HQ), Take and hold the enemy Charlie point (building in their deploy), Victory points, and either have the unit that kills enemy Kursz survive - or kill the unit that kills your Kurtz. Deployment zone was the middle of the table - no min distance or anything. Pretty wild mission. I basically got overly aggressive and outplayed. First time in history I got all three Falcons dropped. Lost two squads of Harly's due to not being able to get out after Pen hits on immobile falcs. Poor guy must have thought he was playing a newbie. sigh...sometimes I really suck. I did kill his Kurtz. Brian was a great guy and a good opponent - basically gave me the sympathy kill on his Kurtz - which was a classy act. I took 6 vps...reading the scenario now I should have had 10 as my model who killed his Kurtz survived. oh bad. Would like to play him again and give him a better game. Probably my favorite opponent of the tourney - although most everyone was top shelf.

So...the chronicle of a mediocre tournament performance. Overall rank was 29th out of 82 total. Need to work on my painting a little - I scored about average there. Battle points being the big area of improvement. Had a 49 out of 50 on sportsmanship...wonder who dropped me the one point and why....but it happens.

Overall a great tournament! High potential in upcoming years to be one of the best Indy tourneys around.

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