Friday, July 4, 2008

Two Game Fight Fest at the Game Keep

Had a big night of gaming last night. First game against my nephew Matt and his Marines. I was playing my GT army - Eldar Harlequin and tri-Falcon. Matt has really improved his game. We played one of the missions from Adepticon - basically a table quarters, hold the center, and VP's. No infiltrators and escalation. Great back and forth game that ended in a draw. High points: For Matt - getting his drop pod Dreads in on turn 2 and landing right amongst my Harlequins. Flames and Assault cannons are rough for the clowns. For Me - tank shocking three squads with a Falcon, breaking 2 who ran off the table and killing a Lascannon on Death or Glory on the third.

Second game was a team up with my Doubles team mate at the upcoming Big WAAGH - Gimli (pictured here). We are running Iron Hands and Dark Angels - shooty Marine hell army. Our opponents were Trav and Dung - two of our good buddies and fellow BNB members. Mission was a Gamma Level Recon. They had a nasty combo of Space Marines / Chaos Marines. Interesting tactic of running a Marine Librarian on a bike with Fear the Darkness up - along with an empty Rhino. Hoping to break units then "escort" them off the board. The Chaos side has two Slaanesh sorcerers with Lash that also hope to lash the enemy toward the board edge then Fear them off. Worked pretty well, taking one of my Dark Angel Combat Squads off the board. Board setup was really bad (thanks Dung) with basically a wall of terrain between the two armies and two small corridors to go through. We divided our forces to plug the holes. They used the mobility of their rhino's to sweep to the left side and try to overwhelm us. Thanks to some heroics of Gimli's Dread and my Marine Commander and Combat squads - we held them off. Big Slug fest resulting in a Draw.

Two Draws in one night - like kissing your sister. However good tune up games for the Waagh. Will be interesting to go from Marines in a Doubles Tourney on Friday to Eldar in a GT on Sat/Sunday! Looking forward to it!

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