Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mech Eldar

I'm really digging Mech Eldar! I made the decision to swap over from my Death Guard shortly before the Waagh, and did reasonably well (4-1 on the Tourney) but a little short on points. I found myself - all but one game where I got smoked due to good playing on my opponents part and poor playing on mind - being able to deny my opponent objectives - and able to get 2 of the objectives and struggling for the others.

Here's how it wound up:

Game one vs. Foot Slogging Eldar 9-0 total points. I could not kill either 1 remaining warlock or 1 disabled war walker for an additional 6 points.

Game two vs Blood Angels 15-0 - speed and mobility carried the day here - but it was a hard fought match.

Game three vs Khorne - 0-20 points - got smoked. Bad tactics here on my part kept me from pulling much.

Game Four vs Bike Marines 15-5 game for me - good tactical hard fought game. Much closer than end score showed.

Game Five vs Blood Angels 16-0 game for me - another good hard game - speed and mobility ruled the day.

By Day Two of the tournament - I was starting to hit stride more with the army and "feeling" better playing it. I did feel as if I was missing something though.

After discussing the list with my good friend Sabote (who won the Overall at the Waagh with Space Marines - but also plays a hard Eldar list), he suggested that I have a lot of small units - but lacked a big "Punch-In" (free kudo's to 40K Radio) unit. So tweaking things a little. Thinking about dropping Falcons for all Wave Serpents - and going with a bigger squad of Banshee's. Fortune and Doom going with them to make it even better. I'll be playtesting several builds soon and will update on results.

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Dverning said...

Mech Eldar is quite fun. Welcome to the fold! (I still have a soft spot for my mixed Iyanden though...)

Falcons are great gunboats, but suffer when they get close to the enemy. Serpents perform better against many close range weapons and can carry more guys. I'd be interested in seeing what list you ran and what changes you're now thinking of.