Wednesday, August 5, 2009

2000 pt Team Game

Last Thursday had the good fortune to play on a big 3 on 3 game - almost an Apocalypse game - with 6K points per side.

Team 1 - Sabote, MajorSinn, and Gimli - all running Marines

Team 2 - Myself, MephistonsRage, and Little Gimli - running Eldar, Night Lords, and Khorne respectively.

The mission was objectives - with 5 being placed. We used the Apocalypse setup, with team 2 going first. Our battle plan was for the Nightlords to take the Right side, Khorne up the middle, and Eldar mobility to fly around and take what was needed. The first few rounds were brutal for Team 2 - with the Khorne force taking a beating. MajorSinn ate most of the firepower from Team 2 - but stayed strong in the middle. Turns 3 and 4 wound up being a lot of hand to hand. Sabote plays Marines very well (was overall at the Waagh with them) and did a masterful job of avoiding the HTH until he had the odds favorable for him. At the end - the Marines managed to swarm the three contested objectives. Fate favors Team 1 as they manage to drop a Prism, Rhino and Farseer who were all contesting the objective in the middle. Gimli's Marines manage to contest two others. Marines hold 2 objects to zero for Team 2.

Thoughts on the game and army: The Eldar speed and agility continues to impress me. I do have some growing concerns about the ability to hit the enemy hard though. I like and respect Fritz's Turn 5 tactics from Way of Saim-Hann - but I'm finding that unless you go second, if you don't thin the enemy out - they are usually going to win. I also need to refine my tactics with the Falcon and Fire Dragons. Dragons are a sacrificial unit - if deployed correctly they will either kill the vehicle you target 0r hurt/cripple a unit you shoot at. I need to focus them more on threats than I have been - perhaps be more agressive with them. In the game above - I sent them to support the Night Lords (who FORGOT to cover their objective - but that's another issue). I should have kept them over on the left flank and used them to kill one of the two Landraiders Gimli used to contest the objectives at the end. I'm also undecided on the banshee's I'm running and wondering if a second dragon squad might work better. That removes my HTH unit - but gives me a second "sure kill" unit. In today's Mech army world - I'm thinking that may be better.

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