Thursday, November 11, 2010


Ultramarine Bikers - 6th Company

I have been intrigued by an all biker army for 40K for a long time. Tried a few lists but never was able to really make it work - nor get it done. Conceptually the idea of Khan with a tooled up Command Squad seemed to be a great death star unit. Combine that with the high mobility of bike squads, anti-armor ability of attack bikes, along with outflank provided by Khan - and you should have a high end list. But unfortunately - I was never able to pull it together.

Enter my gaming buddy Sabote - who proceeds to blatantly STEAL my idea and build a highly capable list around it. I watched him play it as my partner during several team games (Adepticon Team and Battle for Supremacy) and loved the mechanics and tactics of it. So - after a little whining and begging on my part - along with a great sales job of how awesome TWO captains/command squads would be for our Adepticon Team tourney lists - along with a little Cash incentive - I've gotten Sabote to paint up my bikers to a high end level - and have started to play them.

I have designed the list with a lot of fluff included. Codex Space Marines has a small blurb around how the 6th Reserve company of Ultramarines, led by Captain Epathus, was fully trained in the use of bikes - and was known to go to battle fully mounted. BINGO! The Codex also showed that their trim color was orange. At first I wondered how that would look - but the results were spectacular. The color scheme - combined with great painting talent has begun to produce (in my opinion) a spectacular army. Here's a few shots below:

Captain Epathus (i.e. Khan)




Bike Squads

More to come on the progress of the army and battle reports.


CORWINDAL5 said...

Bikes are a tough army to really hammer out that tactics for. Brian does so well with them because he plays them pretty much the same as he played his eldar it is just that the bikes are better at it.

Mighty said...

Really nice bikes man. Love the conversions as well as the paint job!

Gregory said...

Hey you guys both stole my idea after the Big Waaggh!

Aldonis said...

Actually I played around with Khan/command bike squad a long time ago - and sucked mightily with it.

Sabote blatantly stole the idea after he saw how well you did with it at the Waagh!!!!

Glad to see you reading my stuff Greg!