Monday, November 8, 2010

New Blog Contributing Author

I'm pleased to announce a new guest contributor to the blog. My good buddy Sabote (Brian Crew) will be providing occasional nuggets of wisdom and stories of his adventures in gaming abroad. Brian is one of the better players that I know. He has a phenomenal won/lost record with his Eldar and Marines - including a couple of GT wins, top 10 at 'ard boyz finals, and more wins at smaller tournaments than you can shake a stick at. He's also a high end painter and modeler.

Sadly (for me), he now lives in Switzerland and has begun his assault on the European gaming tournament scene - winning his first tournament in spite of the missions being in a language that he couldn't understand.

So - for all 16 of you that for some reason follow my blog - the contribution level is about to get infinitely better. Tell all your friends! :)

1 comment:

Black Blow Fly said...

This is very exciting news Al! Im a big fan of sabote and look forward to reading his articles.