Tuesday, May 24, 2011

ATC - The Aftermath

Here's a break down of how we did - my compadre's can add details about their matchups.

Our team:

Al - Wolves
Matt - Black Templar
Greg - Dark Angels
Brian - Space Marines
Dung - Chaos

Round #1 was against Chicago Kamikaze's (some of Greg's Peeps from Chi-town). Matchups came out pretty good. I was Champion and played a Mech-Eldar list. Guy was a good player - we danced around but his speed killed me at the end - as did a bad round of armor saves from pathfinders on my Termies (5 died to shooting - and they all had Storm Shields). He contests everything with hulls on last turn - I fail miserably to take any of them down (3 melta's - Two Cyclones, and HTH with Logan and a termy against various and sundry hulls - nothing happens). Sigh...I lose 5 to 25.  As a team we draw with them basically 70 pts to 80 pts.

Round #2 - against 4 really cool guys and the biggest A-hole I've ever met at a tourney from North Carolina. Matchups for us went perfect - with the most favorables going our way. I matched up against the other team captain running Blood Angel. We had an AWESOME game - tactically dancing around the objectives. I win KP's, he wins Seize Ground, and we draw on C&C. Rest of the team rocks - we win 120 to 30 if memory serves.

My buddy Dung'er got to play a real piece of work in this game - constantly question rules - and never right, asking people about the rules and when the answers weren't what he wanted to hear - yelling at us to stay out of his game, extremely belligerent - dropping F-bombs, telling us to F'off and stay out of his game, then asking more questions a minute later. The rest of the tourney the other guys on the team kept apologizing for this guy - saying they barely knew him and he was a friend of one of their guys that the rest had never met before. The other guys were really good dude's though. I had a blast with the guy I played and would play him again any time.

Round #3 - another team from NC. Matchups are a total flip flop from last round - nothing favorable. I wound up with a Mech Kan/Dread wall - that I thought I had down ok - but failed to stop him from getting into my lines. I pull a zero. Solid guy to play - I took my beating like a man - shook his hand and wished him luck. Rest of our guys follow suit - except for Swanson who takes 25 and one other getting 5 pts (can't remember who) - we fall on our swords for 30 - 120 point loss.

Round #4 - draw some fella's from Alabama (Jeff O'Neil and friends who knew a lot of our guys). Matchups go so-so. I draw a Chaos Dual Lash. We duke it out at range as he closes. It's a touch and go match - looking like a draw/loss for me going into turn 5. At bottom - I run termies to contest an object in SG, Run squad to contest his objective in C&C, Snipe a demone prince with Jaws, Logan smacks a Rhino for a KP. I'm up on all vp's - but probably can't hold them if it continues. He rolls a one and Game ends - poor guy is in shock that he went from at least 15 pts to zero. Good solid guy - fun game. Can't remember how the rest went but we scored around 90 overall I think to 60 for them.

It's been a long/hot tiring day - we go grab a few beers and chow - continue the BS'ing and making fun of Matt.

Round #5 Sunday Morning - we draw the WC-East team - Solid team of Parker, Cauley, Poole, Delgado, and Migliano. Match ups are rough for us. I draw Brian Delgado (who I hadn't met before) and Blood Angels. Again one of the most fun games for me in recent memory. I have early hand at beginning dropping Stormravens with ML's. We have a big HTH with Termies and DC that was epic. At end I have the SG's, He has KP's and C&C. 10 to 20 loss for me but I get a few points. Overall round was bad for us - think we pulled around 30 points to 120 for them. Was our back breaker. They go on to play for first place - we fall from the rankings.

Round #6 - We are playing against some guys from Alabama - the same guys that BikeNinja and I played in the doubles at Supremacy in Round #1 and their friends. Match ups go pretty well for us - with me facing a rough BA list (the guy who ran Demon's in Supremacy). We had a good game - he's a solid player and was cool to play. We dance and duke it out - semi-close game - but at the end I fail to damage anything (in the last three rounds I had 13 melta/Tank Hunter ML's shots on light armor - I did nothing more than stun for damage - I SUCK). My feeble attempt to achieve a draw on SG fails when I immobilize myself when moving a Rhino up to take an Opjective. I pull a zero. Rest of the guys do pretty well - I think we get around 90 points or so.

So all this brings us to 8th overall. But this was a GREAT format and a ton of fun. Hard fought games against a bunch of great players. It was hotter than hades without Air in the room - that's my only major complaint.

Oh yeah....Brian and I won the doubles tournament. My ride on his coat tails continues!  I'll do another post on that one.

Was a blast to hang with my buddies, talk a lot of gaming geekiness and general BS, and not worry about a lot. Wish I hadn't let my team down battle wise as much as I did. Already looking forward to this next year. Was great to get to know Greg better and he fit in great with our crowd. Our team will be back next year hopefully and will improve.


Jawaballs said...

This looks cool! Next year I shall have to round up Fritz, Danny Internets and the rest of the crew and get out there!

Aldonis said...

Hi Jawa!

This was quite honestly the most fun format of a tourney I've pretty much ever played in. The competition level was probably the highest you'll ever find - there had to be close to 20 major tournament wins scattered around that room amongst various people.

I'd emailed both Fritz and BlackMatt who I kinda know and told them they should get a team together for this. You guys would really enjoy it.