Tuesday, May 17, 2011

ATC Tournament This Weekend

This weekend the Blade and Bolter Boyz will be sending two teams to the America's Team Championship tournament in Chattanooga at the Seige convention. 

Really looking forward to this event - going with a pretty solid team of myself, Corwindal, Sabote, Dung Trihn, and Greg Swanson (buddy from Chi Town).

Army lists and registrations fee's are done - a little finalization to a a couple squads - and we are good to go.  Still noodling on how we want to run the Champions Mechanic for our team.

Here are the rules for the tourney:

5 Member Teams / 40 Team Maximum Capacity.
Every Member on the Team Must use a different Codex Army.
2000 Points per player.
Maximum 1 Special or 1 Named Character per Army List.

6 Games ( 4 - Saturday 8:30 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.)( 2 - Sunday 9:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.)

No Painting or Composition Scores. Although Painting Quality is not a factor in the overall score, Armies must be painted to a minimum 3 colors and bases must be painted or flocked. Any Army not meeting these requirements will suffer a significant penalty to their overall Team score.


Sportsmanship will be taken into account. Sportsmanship is always a very important factor in all of our events. We are playing a game (supposedly for fun) and any unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated. Sportsmanship will be a factor each game in the overall scoring (not a huge amount, but enough to matter) and any low scores each game will be reviewed by the judges and players to ensure that the system is not being abused or that you received a low score because you hurt someones feelings because you beat them! There will be a reasonable warning system and a "Slow Play" system in effect as well.

Trophies will be given for Best Painted, Best Sportsmanship, Best General, Best Team (each member will be rewarded a trophy) and Best Theme.

The Mission (So Far):

Each round will be 2.5 hours of game play plus an additional 30 mins for TeamCaptains to pair off their players against each other.

How Pairing will Work:

EACH Round, After teams have been paired against each other by the Tournament Judges, the 2 Team Captains will then pair their players against each other. This will be done as follows:

Team players pairing system :

Captains will have 30 minutes before each match to decide who will play with which opponent. They can consult with and use the help of the rest of the team as they wish. All army lists will be available at this time for both Teams review and consideration.

Players during match will be matched by Captains in the following way:

"Secret challenge" - At the start of the pairing captains chose secretly one player - a champion. Champions can be different from round to round. Both names of champions are written down at the start of the pairing on a separate piece of paper and revealed and the end of it. Champions play on the last available table.

After that:

1. Both captains roll a dice.
2. Captain A who rolled lowest puts forward player A.
3. Captain B puts a player to fight player A.
4. Captain A chooses a table for that game.
5. Captain B who rolled highest puts forward player B.
6. Captain A puts a player to fight player B.
7. Captain B chooses a table for that game.
8. Captain A .....

There will be 3 Primary Mission Goals in Every Mission:
Goal #1 - Two objectives for Capture and control
Goal #2 - Three objectives for Seize Ground (separate from C&C)
Goal #3 - Kill Points
Achieving more of these goals than your opponent wins the game.* (see exceptionunder tabling/wiping out your opponent, below)

There will be 6 games so each deployment (Spearhead, Dawn of War and Pitched Battle) will be used twice each throughout the tournament.

Seize The Initiative and Random Game Length will be used in every round.


Each Mission Goal will be Worth 10 Game Points if Achieved, 5 Game Points if Drawn, 0 Game Points if not achieved.
So, Possible Game Points EACH Round is 30 Maximum, 0 Minimum.

Should be a lot of fun!

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