Sunday, January 22, 2012

Can the Eldar be viable?

We have a big tournament coming up in a about a month - the Battle For Stone's River.   It's a very objective based tournament - every table has a river and two bridges across it.  The tournement is based on and in remembrance of the Civil War battle of the same name - with 1863 points - the year the battle occurred.

The local scene is a little more diverse than what you see at an Adepticon or other major tournaments.   There are more than a few Orks, Chaos, Tau, etc armies than you see in other places.  But I know that several of the better players in the area (some of whom write for this blog) will be playing Grey Knights, Marines, etc.   So my dilemma is - how to counter and come up with something that can handle the heavy lists - but maintains high mobility.   Which has led me to think about the Eldar - one of my favorite lists of the past - but a challenge in today's tournament arena.

I think that the Eldar can cause havok with all psykers - not so much what they can do - but what the rolling three dice to cast powers does to opponents.   Eldar are still top shelf as a fast army that has some resiliance still due to their Serpents and Falcons - still hard to kill in 5th.   An Autarch gives some tactical flexibility around playing a reserve game if you are going to be outshot - and give you the chance for that last turn objective grab.  Dire Avengers make good and cheap troop choices, Fire Dragons are still death for enemy armor, and Banshee's can still be dangerous in HTH.

BUT....Eldar are pricy.   If you are going with as many Eldar hulls - six to seven will be max.   They are frail and don't survive long against much of anything in HTH unless you can do a first turn alpha strike.  They have as many down sides as upsides in many cases.

So....the question still is there....what am I going to run???


CORWINDAL5 said...

Try it out and see how you do.

Bikeninja said...

I like Eldar armies and think they are still a tough army to play. That being said how much practice have you had with them? You have been playing your silly Dark Angels for awhile. If I were you I would not change now. Stick with the DA but change it up a little. Just my two cents there buddy.

Josh_theMexican said...

Dark Angels > Eldar IMO. That being said, everyone else will be running Space Marines, so Eldar will definitely mix things up. You might have more fun with the Eldar, but I think you'll earn more battle points with the DA.