Saturday, January 21, 2012

Unsettled Times!'s January 21st, it's 64 degrees at 1 AM and there is a Tornado Warning about 10 miles south of my house, a Tornado Watch until 5 am,  my daughter just turned 15 and wants to get a drivers permit, the Battle for Stone's River tournament is in a month and I still haven't settled on what to run yet,  new FAQ's are out for almost every army, and rumors of 6th edition are rampant and our hobby is about to dramatically change.   Troubling times for sure!

For Stone's River (an excellent little local tournament - now 70 people strong) I'm torn between Dark Angels (I've been running a Death Wing/Standard Marine combo that has been fairly effective lately), Grey Knights (and I expect a large turnout of GK armies), my tried and tested Space Wolves, or wondering if an Eldar list might just surprise folks.  In the past, the missions have favored a lot of mobility - an Eldar do well there.  Still not sure what to do here.

Sixth Edition sounds interesting and a major change.  I have scanned the leaked codex - but not looked at it in detail.   Some say it is just a joke, others feel it's genuine.   If true, it sounds like the game has gone back towards it's roots somewhat - adding a more tactical feel to the game.   I think if true - that would be a plus for the game.  Fifth edition in particular removed a lot of the high level tactics of the game - and made it more of a who can roll the dice better game than who can outmanuever and outplay their opponent.

Regardless - Fifth edition has grown old and I welcome a change.   In the old days of fourth edition - I counted myself as a good player - a top 10 to 25 in tournaments on a regular basis.  Fifth edition gave me a swift kick in the ding-ding - placing WAY to much emphasis on how well you can roll dice for someone like me - who is VERY capable of rolling 8 1's out of 10 dice.  

So - things will be up in the air for some time.  The inter-webz will be full of chatter and rumors will abound.   People will be talking about the hobby - interest will grow - and a bit of excitement will be back in the game.  All good things!  Stelek has started ranting about the Wrecking Crew on his crappy little blog again, I'm sure the BOLS guys will be next.  All of which adds to the drama and intrigue that the US gamers have grown to love and enjoy.  YEAH BABY!

And just to add to the unsettling things....GW has shown a nice little profit of late - a sure sign of the coming apocalypse when all the Nay-Sayers said they were doomed to failure. 

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Black Blow Fly said...

I have read it. Either an early playtest version or a fake in my opinion. I found lots of errors in it - not typical of the quality I expect from GW. If I had to bet I'd say it's fake.