Friday, February 17, 2012

Don't Take a Knife to a Gunfight

So last night I had a revelation. I had one of those little gut checks that you get every once in a while to get you back on track and refocus you on what is important. A little 40k epiphany if you will. Haven’t posted on the blog in awhile because life has decided to intercede as is usually the case. So today as I am fixing lunch for my heathen children, this little article has blossomed.

So last night I am playing at the Game Keep. I played a really fun game against Josh (Mexican Templar) and Jeremy (Folken). Romero had the unfortunate luck to get teamed with me. I was playing my Grey Knights and had an 1863 list ready to go. I am preparing for the Battle for Stones River, a tournament that is based around a local Civil War battle. The year and the points are 1863 so that is why we have a funny number.

So here is my GK army and it is by no means a hard army. It is not optimized at all and is built purely for the sake of the models which I absolutely love.

In a nutshell:
X5 Paladins
X6 Termiantors w/ Thawn
X5 Purgators w/ Rhino
X2 Storm Ravens
X1 Dreadknight

I played a similar list at Holiday Brawl this year. I went 0/1/2 for the day. I can pull some minor victories but not majors as the army just does not have enough to finish the job so to speak. Now I know I can add and take away and change it up. That is not why I built the list. I like the models. I don’t want a Libby because everyone plays a Libby. I built the list because I enjoy it and have really enjoyed building and painting the army. But this is not a tournament army. And while I like it and will be playing it a lot it is not what I need to take to the BFSR.

Now before everyone cries foul and says I should not cave to what may be a WAAC mentality. I have to say one thing. I do not like to lose. Al said it last night. I am due. I am good player who is stubborn and needs to step up the level of play. In my defense I do not play a lot but that just makes the decision to take the GK’s even worse. I have maybe 10 games into that army. So I am going to a 70 man tournament with an army that I MAY have 10 games into and I expect to …what? Lose spectacularly. With my Space Wolves. I have almost 2 decades. Now I will not have a spammed out internet list. I still have standards. But I think the Wolves will have to come out for the BFSR. Like Al said it is time and I need to stack the deck as much in favor as I can. I need to go and bring some serious pain to the BFSR and the only way to do it….is the Sons of Russ are coming out of retirement.

So what was this epiphany I had you ask? Playing an army for the models and the fun of it is great for Thursday nights. When the rubber meets the road bring you’re A game to the tournament. The biggest part of that is your A list. Why go to a major tournament and set your expectations to the level of your preparedness. Prepare and set your expectations higher. I also feel I need to channel Doug for this one. Rage is an excellent motivator. I have some mad scientist builds for my Wolves that now need an outlet. Win or lose Chris is coming to compete this year. I think I am due.


Black Blow Fly said...

Look a Chuck Norris... a true bad ass doesn't even really need a knife.

Bikeninja said...

Thats cause he is Chuck Norris. You dont bring an knife to a bring a Chuck Norris to any fight.

swanson4969 said...

Hey why dont you drop the purgatgors for some sort of dread. That way youu can hook the dread on the back of one of the stormravens and bring everything in on one reserve roll. It could even be a close combat dread or a venerable one. They are a bitch to kill. Or you can make it a regular psyfleman and drop it off in the back field....

Black Blow Fly said...

Like I said... Just like I said.

: )