Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Grey Knight Terminators

When the Grey Knight Codex was first released I didn't immediatly buy a copy. I bought the codex a couple of weeks after the release and spent a whole friday night reading every page. I came up with this list that first night.

Inquisitor 25
Grey Knight Termantors squad 10 470 x 3
2 Psycannons, Psybolt Ammo, 8 Halbreds, 2 Hammers
Psyiflemand Dreads 135 x 3

Total 1840

I alway build a list around 1850 because most of the tourneys I got to are at that points level. I didn't immediatly buy the models to build that list because I toyed with alot of different concepts like Mordrak or an all Strike Squad army or even a Coteaz henchman list. The codex really offers a varity of armies concepts that can all be viable in a tournement. However, like my Lysander Space Marine army I wanted to build a list that could compete with the top armies and also didn't have any over the top bad matchups. Terminators are also one of my favorite models in the game. For 42 pts (with Psybolt Ammo) you get a I6, 2+, 5++, Frag, Krak, S5 storm bolter, S5 in hth, LD9, 2 attacks base, deep strike, and relentless.

When trying to figure out exactly what I wanted to run I kept coming back that first list I had put together. Later on I gave the Inquisitor 3 servo skulls to get my total up to 1849. After a year of the codex being out I finally decided to put together this army and I am really glad I did. This army plays very differently then a other terminator armies like DW. They rely more on the ability to go first in CC instead of surviving the onslaught and striking last. They also have a lot more fire power with S5 storm bolters and S7 rending psycannons.

My final list was just like the list above except I gave my Inquisitor 3 servo skulls to help with keeping infiltraters away from my army and to help with deepstiking terminators. So far the army has done really well. I have not lost a game and I have come in second and won best general at a 70 person GT style tournament. Most gamers don't know how to take on my army effectivily which gives me a huge advantage. I look forward to maul at the maul and adepticon because both tourneys should offer some new challenges that I look forward to takeing head on.


Black Blow Fly said...

I love terminators as well and GKT are strong. I think a lot of people overlook them. I run mine similar to your build:

Justicar - halberd
2x daemonhammer
Psycannon & Brotherhood Banner
Psycannon & halberd
5x halberd
- psybolt ammo

If you could find the points to kit the Inquisitor with terminator armor, psycannon and Psychic Communion I think it could help as it opens up some more options.

Good luck at Adepticon.


swanson4969 said...

I agree with you about the termies. Psychic communion would be great. Or if you wanted you could gut one squad in half and add in Thawn, two banners and misc stuff. Thawn is an absolute pain in the ass and the banners really up the killing power of your termies.

swanson4969 said...
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Bikeninja said...

I added Thawn to my list and I love him. You are right, he is a pain.

Geekymike said...

The army doesn't look half bad on the table either

Aldonis said...

Almost as good as mine soon will Mikey!