Friday, March 2, 2012

The Battle for Stones River

A player’s recap

Well the BFSR has come and gone and I am left wondering what happened. The tournament was great. Anything run by Jason Dowdell is the standard to which all other tournaments should be held. I could go on and on about how good the tournament was. But that is not the purpose of this article. No, this one is going to deal with my play in this great event and some things I need to improve on.

My opponents lists were Grey Knights, Imperial Guard, Dark Eldar and Necrons. A good mix for my Wolves. Now I did an article a couple of weeks ago on my preparation for the tournament and the decision to go with my Space Wolves as opposed to my Grey Knights. This proved to be a mixed bag as my Wolves faced two match-ups in the Guard and Dark Eldar that they simply could do nothing against. The Guard army smashed me from go and I could not move for the whole game. Simply too much shooting for me to contend with. The Dark Eldar did the same thing; too much shooting for me to resist and still have a viable army to fight with. In both of these games the GK’s would have had a little more resilience that my Wolves did not.

My list in a nutshell was this:

Wolf Lord: T.Wolf, WTN, RA, FB/SS, Saga of Bear.
Rune Priest

x3 Wolf Guard one of which was Arjac

x8 Grey Hunters in a Drop Pod

x8 Grey Hunters

x5 Grey Hunters in a Razorback with Las/Plas

Land Raider

x5 Long Fangs with ML’s

x4 Thunder Wolves

That list without all the wargear. I ain’t going in to all that. Now how I play it is this. Arjacs joins the unit in Drop Pod. I advance the T. Wolves up in a line where I will deploy the Pod. Hopefully making opponent choose between the two units on shooting. They provide much HTH punch into my opponents lines. I then use the Raider, Razorback and Long Fangs to hit priority targets until the T. Wolves make it into contact. This works well most of the time (until my cursed dice end all hope but that is another article). It is a small compact force. Now some personal notes. I refuse to spam. I hate the multi Razorback, x3 Longs Fangs, multi Rune Priest lists. They are not Space Wolves at all and are useless in my opinion.

So here are some thoughts. Some things that I will need to address for the future. In both of the aforementioned games I got shot off the board. None of the HTH I brought to the game ever had a chance of taking care of business as it was intended. I am sure my deployment could have been better but still this build could not stand up to sustained fire. Now one could say…two bad match-ups don’t ruin a list. This is true but I think I can make this one better and still have some success against these ultra shooty armies without becoming a Spam God. Losing Arjac and tweaking some things might let me add some more targets… I mean units that can get into the face of some of these armies. I love to mix it up. I just got to come up with some ways of making that happen quicker.

My record was 2-2-0. I was exactly 30th out of 67 players. My soft scores were tremendous and that is what helped me move to the middle of the pack. My issue is that if I had pulled some points from the middle games then I could easily have pulled a top 15 finish for the day. All in all, I had fun but I am disappointed in my performance. I know I could have done better. My list needs work no doubt about it. I am now onto Adepticon preparation. The 40k Championships and the Combat Patrol are beckoning.

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