Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

(and some musings on gaming in 2013)

A hearty Happy New Year to all!  
Wishing you all Blessings in this New Year of 2013!

Well, 2012 has come ane gone.  Somewhat of a "BLAH" year for me personally on the gaming front - all though the rest of things made for a pretty good year.   Gaming wise, I made it to my standard tourneys - Stones River, Adepticon, ATC, and Battle for Supremecy - playing my Wolves and Grey Knights for the most part this year from a competitive standpoint.   With the exception of the Adepticon Team Tournament - I managed a fair to middling showing in all.  The Team Tournament is almost always a good showing for us - and this year was no exception - with the Blade and Bolter Boyz coming in a respectable 10th (I think) overall and being the second best Imperial team overall.  Again we were bridesmaids - and not the bride!  Oh well - still a blast.   The rest of Adepticon was fun - but almost a little to intense in the competitive arena.  Stones River is always a good time - best local tournament around.  ATC - well it is somewhat my brainchild as I came up with the idea, format, mission and talked Shane and Chris into starting it up - so it will always have a special place for me tournament wise.  So glad to see it taking off and that it is moving to a larger venue this year and closer to Nashville and a major airport.  Supremacy isn't the tournament it was back when Laughing Corpses ran it - but was still a lot of fun - and hats off to Jason Dowding for keeping it going.

So - what does 2013 hold for me on the Gaming front.   I'd be foolish to think that Family and Work will not slow down my gaming - and rightly so for Family is first and work is a must for survival.  That aside, I hope to be more active in gaming this year.   The new 6th Edition is still being understood by the tournament gamers - and still a lot to be learned there for me.    Several of my favorite armies have or will have, new Codex's being released and are singing their calls to me.  How does this shake out?

Well - the new Chaos 'dex has been out for several months.  My beloved Death Guard have been languishing in their Battlefoam for years - along with my Berserkers and yet to be finished Night Lords.  Yeah - I kinda like Chaos and have way over 10,000 total points of them and haven't even let them hit the battle field yet with the new Codex.   So - Step 1 - need to fix that - maybe as soon as this Thursday!    A few of the new units look interesting - and a few old favorites sound good as well.
Dark Angels are also slated for a new release this year if rumors are true.  My first tournament army for the 1998 Chicago GT - and holds a special place in my heart.   I was blessed to win best Sportsman at Baltimore GT with them in 1999 and have been a tournament junky ever since.   Excited for their new release and the new models - which initial pictures look pretty cool!   For the LION and the EMPEROR!!!!
 I still have a love for Space Wolves that is not matched by my tournament success with them.   I think that there is a strong list in there that fits my playing style - that I just need to work with some more.  I've had brushes with greatness with them - but haven't cracked the code yet.  Maybe this is the year!
Black Library continues to chunk out a great amount of fan fiction for 40K - I'm woefully behind in my reading - and have probaly 20 stories I need to read eventually.  I'm going to focus on the three Horus Heresy novels I'm behind on first - then work on the others.....hopefully!
I have greatly missed hanging with my battle brothers in the Blade and Bolter club as much as would have liked this year.   They are my friends and buddies - who I hope to revitialize and renew our club and relationships this year.   My good friend Sabote has now returned from his 3 year stint in Europe - and hope to get more time hanging with him now.   It was great to see my buddy Gimli at Supremecy and look forward to seeing him and Swanson in Chicago.  Swanson become a good friend as well being one of our anchor players in my ATC team.
This brings me to the end of a long post and sleep calls.  Back to work tomorrow.   Hope everyone has a great year!



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