Friday, January 4, 2013

New Year Musings and quick battle report

Let me start out wishing everyone a Happy New Year.  This year I hope to get back to gaming more and maybe even some of my own painting and assembly (who knows probably not).  Anyway I have been in a funk lately in regards to 40K.  I have just not been able to get into the new edition.  However lately I have been able to shake off the doldrums.  I have played a bunch of games lately and am actually looking forward to building a new army.  I am already signed up for the Adepticon championships and plan on playing with BNB at the ATC again.  I am going to sell off my Grey Knights army and begin a new army either Chaos or Dark Angels as those are the most of the figures I have laying around.  I look forward to the DA codex as they were my first real army.  I am also going to try and post at least once a week in here but will see how that goes. (I started this on the 2nd...)

Anyway here is one of the battle reports from one of the last games I played.  I was playing against Fred Fortman one of the better players in the Chicago land area.  I pulled out Mordrak for one of the last times.

My list was:
Mordrak and 4 Ghost knights w/halberds
Librarian w/teleport homer and just about every power
10 Terminators w/ammo, standard, 2 hammers, 2 psycannons and all the rest with halberds
10 Strikes w/ammo, 2 psycannons and hammer
10 Interceptors w/ammo, 2 psycannons and hammer
Dreadknight w/incinerator and teleporter

His list was:

HQ - Librarian, terminator armor, storm shield, force axe, Nullzone, gate of infinity
El - Dreadnought
El - Dreadnought
Tr - 5 Scouts, Telion, camo cloaks
Tr - 10 Tacticals, Lascannon, flamer, meltabomb, Lazerback
Tr - 10 Tacticals, Plasmacannon, flamer
Tr - 10 Tacticals, Multimelta, meltagun, combimelta, powerfist, rhino, GK missile
Fa - 3 Attack Bikes
Fa - 3 Attack Bikes w/ multimeltas
Hv - Vindicator, siege shield
Hv - Whirlwind
Hv - Thunderfire cannon
Aegis Defense Line, Icarus Lascannon

We decided to play with the West Coast BAO rules. These take two book missions and play them at the same time.

Primary - Emperors Will. The winner of this objective will gain 4 victory points
Secondary - Relic. The winner of this objective will gain 3 victory points
Tertiary - First blood, line breaker, slay the warlord. Each of these is worth 1 victory point each.

Vanguard deployment + nightfight.  Fred gets the warlord becomes scoring I get the night fight trait.

Fred deploys the ADL diagonally over a hill in my deployment zone. He has his Emperors will objective just to the right of the ADL next to the Icarus. I deploys 10 Terminators deep in his corner backfield and out of the fight. The Dreadknight is deployed centrally behind a building (my objective in there) and 10 Interceptors are next to it on his back end line. Fred goes first.

Top of 1

Fred sends 3 Attack bikes around the ADL to the left. The dreads climb over the line and go for the Relic. The Rhino moves up to the relic and the Vindicator follows driving over a ruin. The Lazerback stays behind the ADL, fires at the Intercepters and turns the light on them. The rest of the Vanillas open up in the Intercepters. Telion snipes a psycannon with the Icarus and eventually  he kill 8 of them. The last two guys break and run off the board.

Mordrak, GK Librarian and 5 Ghost Knights deep strikes in next to the Vindicator and uses it to block Los from most of my army. The Dreadknight shunts up next to Mordrak. Combined fire immobilizes the Vindicator and kills two multimelta attack bikes.

Top of 2

Most of the my army is out of range or LOS. Fred sends 5 melta shots into the Dreadknight, but shrouding protects him and he loses one wound. Telion snipes the Terminator Banner, but rolls a 1 to wound. He lives for now.

A Strike squad drops in next to the Vindicator using a teleport homer. The Librarian brings the 10 Terminators in through the Summoning power and everything is next to the Vindicator, next to the  ADL and next to my Emperors Will objective. Shooting drops a few scouts and a few Tacticals.

Top of 3

Rhino squad is sitting in their rhino next to the relic. The 3 Heavy Bolter attack bikes are by them along with both Dreads. Everything else is behind the ADL and next to the GK army. The Whirlwind drops onto the Terminators and kills the Banner. A plasmacannon kills a few more. The Thunderfire cannons does 17 wounds to the Strike Squad and kills 6. I peck away at them and kill 3 more leaving one guy left.

The Dreadknight jumps over the Vindicator and Flames Telion to hell. The Terminators advance around the Vindicator towards my soft innards.

Top of 4

The rhino squad drives over and jumps onto my objective.  He takes one more wound off the Dreadknight and charges him with both dreads. The dreads whiff bad and put one wound on him. The Dreadknight kills a dread. Everything else opens up on the Terminators and kill 1-2, but they fail their pinning check from the Whirlwind. The rhino squad takes his Emperors will objective and the Librarian (who was a scoring unit this turn) takes the relic and joins the attack bike squad.

Bottom of 4

The Dreadknight and dreadnought kill each other. The Terminators sit and the Ghost knights charge a tactical squad. They fail their charge when I Overwatch and kill the closest Ghost knight.

We call it there because Fred has the Relic and the Emperors will objective is tied.

Fred has a ten man tactical squad and the remnants of another one along with the attack bikes and the librarian, I have mordrak most of the termies and the librarian.

I had a little bit of brain cramps.  I should have went first and then after allowing him to go first I should have out the interceptors out of sight of everything else.  I forgot about every imperial vehicle having night fight which really ruined it for the interceptors.  Also if the dread knight manages to make one more save I probably end up with the relic and the game.


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sounds like a great game. Hate to hear you are selling the GK's but Chaos and DA look really great.

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