Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Book Review: The Fall of Damnos

Ok kids, here is the Bikeninja with another book review. This one revolves around the ever Smurfy UltraMarines led by Captain Cato Sicarius. Reach back in time to when we all marveled over the new Space Marine Codex and we get a blurb about this epic battle. The bad guys are played by the evil Necrons. SPOILER ALERT: READ AT OWN RISK (Both the book and this review) The Story

I enjoyed reading the short story in the Space Marine Codex more than I enjoyed reading this book. The book only tells about the first three quarters of story. So at the end of the book you are left completely hanging if you haven’t read the little two page blurb in the Space Marine Codex. You have two stories going on at once and neither befits the noble Ultramarines. The parts I really wanted to read about I did not get. This is a major let down and for me clouded the entire book. The Writing

For a book I did not like, the writing was good. I like Nick Kyme , this is not his best work though. The book had a good flow and was easy to follow. The fight scenes were graphic , as can be expected from a Black Library novel. The characters were a little on the weak side. You see the mighty Space Marines experience a lot of human emotions that one could debate should not be there. The other interesting thing is the portrayal of the Necrons. Far different than anything else that I have read. This could well be foreshadowing into the direction the Necrons will take upon their re-release.

Final Rating

I am giving this one a 3 out of 5 it has some good and it has some bad. I am not a fan of the portrayal of the 2nd Company. For military geniuses they sure do not act like it. Sicarius does nothing for me. Any Captain that requires a full 10 man Command Squad is a sissy. (Personal Statement There) The Necrons I find interesting. Their new slant and introduction to some new special characters should make their new Dex interesting. Lets pray Matt Ward has nothing to do with their fluff as the Necrons could see their fluff ruined like the Grey Knights. If you are a true Ultramarines fan then you have already read this one. If not and you have nothing else to read. I would recommend it only under those circumstances.

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