Friday, April 1, 2011

Left Behind

This is the Big Weekend!!! The one that gamers all over the country are waiting for. Adepticon. There are guys and gals who have hit this tourney from first to current. There are gamers that have only ever been to one and talk about it like visiting the Holy Land. Nothing creates more interweb controversy then drama at Adepticon. Probably because nothing compares.

It is not a tournament, though there is plenty of that. It is not a convention though it has all the earmarks of one. No, Adepticon is more than this. Adepticon is an experience. You cannot come out of Adepticon and not be a better gamer, hobbiest, painter or yes, even person. Some of the most mind blowing creations can be seen to inspire you to new heights of creativity. Games that aboslutely bring out the tactical mindset needed to compete. Oppurtunities to demonstrate unparalelled sportsmanship in the face asshatery. All this and so much more.

I have been once. The only thing keeping from it this year is a beautiful baby girl who is 10 days old and needs her daddy. A wife who this day is right now preparing to defend her Doctorial Project. Family first. There is always next year.

Perhaps the most enjoyable thing though is the people. Wow are there some really great people to meet and play with. In the combat patrol last year, the final guy I beat we both went out and I bought him a beer and we talked through the awards ceremony. Lots of fun. Better than that is buddy's you go with. No one goes to Adepticon alone. It is rule somewhere I think. Hanging with your friends telling war stories, supporting your buddies through defeat. Hanging out late at night eating really good pizza.

Adepticon is an experience. It is fun. I am already counting the days till next year. Saving up. Preparing for a trip with buddies to achieve another memorable experience. In the years to come it will only get better. I have two sons who will one day join me on this trek if they so choose. I cannot wait.

To the Blade n Bolter Boyz at Adepticon: Play hard, Represent, drink one for those that could not make it. And most important of all...Have Fun!!!


Wildeyedjester said...

Always the proper thing to put the family first. Perhaps next year we both shall attend and we can have another Hogs of War and Blade and Bolter show down. We are due!

Bikeninja said...

I am glad you posted. We were talking about the Big Waaagh the other day and how much fun it was. One of the big reasons for that was meeting you all. Would love to see some of you make the trip to Chattanooga for the ATC. Or perhaps the next big one in Memphis now that the Bunker is reopened. We are due indeed:)