Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bringing It Down... The Ubiquitous Stormraven

I am an avid follower of the B&C BA forum. I ran across this just yesterday...

Basically there are some who still say the Stormraven sucks shnards... well the good news is they are in the minority.

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The only real nemesis of the Stormraven is the railgun, which is not a big deal - who plays Tau competitively these days? Barring a lucky shot it requires a high volume of shots to bring it down. Lets look at the mathammer. The Stormraven has moved flat-out as it should and is equipped with extra armor.

S8 (Devastator firing a rocket)
4/6 (to hit) X 3/6 (to glance) X 1/2 (4+++ cover save) = 16.667% chance to glance

If the glancing shot gets through you will still need to roll a 6 on the AP table to bring it down. That is an odds of 2.778% - good luck with that! All the other results are pretty meaningless if you have a squad full of assault terminators and a Death Company dreadnaught ready to charge the next turn.

4/6 (to hit) X 2/6 (to glance) X 1/2 (4+++ cover save) = 11.111% chance to penetrate

You still only have 50% odds of bringing it down on the AP table (unless you've got a melta)... so the overall odds drop to 5.556%. Good luck with that.

What the people who are slagging the Stormraven fail to tell you is that a DoA army has lots and lots of angry assault Marines swarming the enemy lines... it's not like every gun will be pointed at the Stormraven. Oh and what about the ubiquitous lascannon ?? The good news is that the same people saying the Stormraven sucks are the same people who told you to take rocket launchers to save some points !!! Oh the irony...

Yep if the shoe fits...


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Sabote said...

I find that strength 7 shots worry me more than anything else with my armor 12 vehicles. Any guard list with all those hydras and or Hvy weapon platoons would be worisome. Followed by Long Fangs. I guess if you can at least get to where you need to be before you go down in a blaze of glory that is not to bad