Sunday, February 13, 2011

New Contributing Authors!

Hi all,

Just wanted to introduce a few new contributing authors to the site!

First up - we have Lord Mortis.  Mortis is one of the most talented converters of terrain that I have the pleasure of knowing.  Most if not all of our club terrain is the result of his hard work.  We have ice worlds, jungle worlds, desert worlds, ruinded cities, hills, tree's, rivers - you name it.  Thanks to Mortis - our gaming club gets to visit strange and exciting land scapes - and blow them up!   He is also a master converter and modeler, our resident Apocalypse organizer, and a tough as nails opponent to face across the table.   Looking forward to his add's to the blog!

Secondly - It's way cool to announce that Fishboy will also be contributing here from time to time.  Fishboy is a top shelf modeler and painter.  One of the few people I call friend that have actually won a Golden Demon or three.   His famous Salmon Salamander's Army have been winning best painted award after best painted award in the North East of late.   Not to mention he is also a very good player - with at least one Grand Tournament Overall win under his belt!   I am looking forward to Fishboy's articles around his beautiful army, his in progress works, gaming/tournament reviews, and anything else he feels the call to add.

Thirdedly -  we have Warboss - one of my good buddy's and our resident Blade and Bolter Jedi Bartender!  Warboss has done a phenomenal job of running multiple large tournaments over the years - and quite honestly runs one of the most FUN tournaments ever!  He also has an incredible Ork army - is a master converter, painter, and modeler.   On top of that - he's a great player and one of the funnest opponents you'll ever get the chance to play against!   I hope to get 'Da Boss to give us some insight into what it takes to run a great and a large tournament, the story of his awesome army, and his overall gaming experiences.

Fourthedly - we have the legendary Black Blow Fly - veteran 40K player - and gamer extra-ordinary!  I've know the Fly for several years - and happy to call him a friend.   BBF has an awesome collection of some truly phenomenal armies.  He is a guru and master of the Blood Angels - as his tactical and army construction articles on this site have already shown.   A member of the 40K Wrecking Crew and a great friend of the Blade and Bolter - looking forward to the enlightenment that BBF will continue to bring to the blog!

Folks - we should be in for some great treats in the upcoming future on the site!

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