Wednesday, March 27, 2013

All right first battle report of the week GK vs Necrons

All right had the first of many battles this week, actually two against Fred Fortman on Monday.  Here is one of the ones on Monday. This battle was fought at 2000 points.
His army list from memory

HQ's Zahndrekh
Voltaic staff cryptek
Lance cryptek
HQ's destroyer lord, weave, scarabs
Tr. 10 immortals, tesla
Tr 10 immortals, Nightscythe
Tr. 10 immortals, Nightscythe
Tr. 5 warriors, Nightscythe
FA. 6 wraiths, 3 coils
FA. 9 scarabs
Hv. Barge
Hv. Barge
Hv. 3 spyders, gloom prism

My list:

Terminator Inquisitor w/2 Skulls, Level 1 Psyker, Hammer & Psycannon
10 Termies 2 Cannons, 3 Hammers, Ammo
10 Strikes 2 Cannons, 1 Hammer, Ammo
4 Henchmen w/BP & CCW in Razorback w/Ammo
4 Henchmen w/BP & CCW in Razorback w/Ammo
4 Henchmen w/Bolters, 1 w/Flamer
Stormraven w/TLAC, TLMM, Hurricane Bolters, Ammo
Stormraven w/TLLC, TLMM
5 Purgation Squad 2 Psycannons, 2 Incinerators in Rhino
Dread w/2 x TLAC, Ammo and Light
Dread w/2 x TLAC, Ammo and Light

We played one of the Adepticon primer missions.  It had the relic and the home and home objective.  First blood, slay the warlord and linebreaker were the secondary objectives.  The deployment zones were the 12" along your board edge.  We took turns deploying the terrain.  There was one ruined building just to the right of the center.  The relic went on its left most corner base.  A hill 8 inches to the left.  There were two ruined buildings in my deployment zone one to the left and one to the right of my deployment zone pretty much dividing my deployment zone into three.  There were two hills farther back in Fred's deployment zone that would play no part in the battle.

Neither of us got any useful warlord traits, no night fight, Coteaz got foreboding and prescience and the inquisitor kept psychic communion.  I won the roll to go first and elected to go second hoping to steal and see how he set up.  Fred sets up along the 12" line with Zandrekh and the tesla immortals and the lance guy on one unit.  The wraiths and the destroyer lord on the right, a little back directly  behind the building in the center.  The scarabs and the spyders go just to the left of center directly behind the hill in the middle.  The barges go to the left of the scarabs.  I deploy in a line between the two buildings.  I put a razorback on the left with a dread behind it, in the center another razorback and dread and on the left goes the purgation squad in their rhino.  In front of them goes the terminators and characters just to the left of center, while the strikes go in front of the purgation squad rhino.  I try to steal to no avail.

Necron Turn One
The spyders spawn three scarabs.  The nemessor gives one of the barges stealth.  Everything moves up the Wraiths move up behind the building.  The scarabs go into the hill with the spyders following behind them.  Zandrekh's unit moves forward towards the relic.  The barges zip forward 12".  Shooting is uneventful.  I believe I lose one termie to big Z's squad while the barges snap fire and the left most razorback.  Causing the henchmen to get out.  First blood to the necrons.

Grey Knight Turn One
Coteaz casts prescience and foreboding on the termies. The termies and strikes move forward. The termies target the closest barge blowing it up.  One of the dreads blows up the main weapon on the other barge.  The razorback and other dread kill a couple of scarab bases.  The strikes to some wounds to Z who just laughs them off.  The purgation squad using astral aim puts two wounds on the destroyer lord.

Necron Turn Two
All his reserves come on. The spyders make three more bases to replace the ones I killed last turn. The night scythes come in three across the middle moving about 30".  On the left 10 immortal get out opposite the termies, 10 immortals get out of the center one right in front of the strikes, and the five warriors and the other cryptek get out of the right one.  The wraiths move up into the building.  The  scarabs start making an end around the left building to get to my objective and clear the henchmen off of it.  The last barge moves with them.  Z moves up behind the other squad of immortals. The shooting commences.  The barge on the right kills the purgation squads rhino causing them to bail out.  They take fire from the warriors and the middle barge killing the two flamers and the justicar.  The other scythe targets the razorback knocking off it's gun and stripping another hull point.  The strikes lose three guys and the so do the termies.  The scarabs and the barges continue their end around.  The wraiths run out of the building for better position.

Grey Knight Turn Two
After the dust settles I realize I can no longer out shoot them with what I have left.  So charge of the light brigade it is.  I cast prescience but it fails, I cast foreboding on the termies and psychic communion as usual. I get one Raven the TLLC one.  The Raven comes in on my right, right next to the right most scythe.  The termies, strikes and dreads move forward.  The razorback without a gun also moves forward.  The raven strips two hull points off the scythe.  The purgation squad kills all but two warriors and the cryptek dies.  Both dreads target the wraiths finishing off the destroyer lord and downing a wraith.  The strikes and termies both kill off a few immortals and the charges begin.  The termies begin their March to the sea like Sherman and hit the one unit of immortals to the left but are unable to grab the spyders as well.  They crush them and consolidate towards the middle.  The strikes out a hurting on the other immortal unit but remain locked in combat by the relic.  The right most dread charges the wraiths putting a wound on them but taking no damage back.

Necron Turn Three
I have put the necron player on his heels a bit.  Zandrekh gives one of the night scythes tank hunter.  Seeing the termies barreling down on him Zandrekh jumps in the middle scythe.  The two scythes move fast to go nose to nose with the raven.  The spyders prepare to help the immortals while the scarabs get ready to overwhelm the henchmen squad.  The wounded scythe flies off the board.  The two scythes drop the raven.  Leaving only the flamer behind.  The spyders charge in the combat killing off some strikes leaving only four and leaving only two immortals.  The dread does nothing but get stunned.  The henchmen die like dogs.

Grey Knights Turn Three
Coteaz casts prescience on the termies.  The inquisitor casts psychic communion.  The other raven comes in.  It goes nose to nose with the other scythes.  The termies move to help the strikes.  The non locked dread moves towards the scarabs better to be charged than be charged.  The raven whiffs only putting one hit on one of the scythes.  The purgation squad and the dread targets the scarabs killing 3 more of them.  The termies charge in the ongoing combat and all the necrons are wiped out leaving the 2 characters, 3 termies and one strike.  The consolidate next to the relic.  The dread suffers another hull point but manages to down a wraith.  The other dread charges in to the scarabs however they are in difficult terrain causing him to go last which leads to an untimely death.

Necron Turn Four
The scythes that are on the board fly off the board.  The other scythe comes back on to shoot at the last strike, killing him .  The barge keeps moving with no target in sight.  The scarabs charge the last two psycannons from the purgation squad.  They kill one on overwatch and lose psycannon to combat.  The wraiths finally kill off the dread.

Grey Knight Turn Four
Coteaz casts prescience on the termies.  They move up to charge the wraiths picking up the relic as they go.  The razorback keeps moving towards the necron home base.  The raven whiffs on the scythe. The termies shoot then charge the wraiths wiping them out but they are now down to two hammers, one psycannon and the two characters.

Necron Turn Five
This will be the last turn as we are running short on time.  The two scythes come back in to shoot the termies. Zandrekh disembarks with his immortal squad to add to weight of fire. The other scythe deposits it's squad of two warriors on my home objective.  The scarabs line up to charge the termies.  In the shooting phase the inquisitor suffers a wound and two termies die.  When the five remaining scarabs charge they do another wound to the inquisitor and strip him of his armor but die to overwatch and hammers.

Grey Knight Turn Five.
The last terminator and Coteaz are in possession of the relic.  The storm raven flies interference while the henchmen disembark on to his objective.

He has first blood and linebreaker, I have linebreaker.  We each have an objective, but I hold the relic.  Big win for me.

I made a lot of terminator saves in the last few rounds and got lucky by crippling his barges early.  He made one mistake by not leaving his Zandrekh unit in the board where they could have had two more turns of shooting and could have been mire aggressive with his wraiths.  The termies and the two inquisitors just crushed everything in their path.  The man of the hour had to be the dread who not only killed the destroyer lord but took down two wraiths and held them up for two turns allowing the termies to run free.


Black Blow Fly said...

Great game and very well played. I like both lists.

swanson4969 said...

Thanks always a good game when I play against Fred