Thursday, March 14, 2013

Chaos Daemon versus Space Wolf Battle Report

All right had my first real go with the Daemon army I am putting together.  I played my buddy Matt and his Space Wolves.  We used the Adepticon Primer Missions.  We played the mission Wolves Beyond the Door.  This mission uses the Hammer and Anvil deployment (the football field one). It uses victory points as one primary with any fast attack choice giving two points per unit and objectives (6) for the other.  The secondary objectives were the usual Warlord, First Blood and Line Breaker. The army I am using is by no means optimized as I am using just what I have.  It is as follows:

Keeper of Secrets Level 3 2 x Greater Gifts  270
Hearld of Khorne on Juggernaut, Locus of Fury, Lesser Gift 125
Herald of Tzeentch Level 3 on Disc 120
Herald of Tzeentch  Level 3 w/Loci of  Conjuration 120

4 Fiends 140

15 Bloodletters  Blood Reaper w/Lesser Gift 165
10 Plaguebearers 90
20 Horrors  180

5 Khorne Hounds 80
8 Screamers 200

Soul Grinder w/Slaanesh, Phlegm   180
Soul Grinder w/Nurgle, Phlegm 180

My opponents list from memory is:
Rune Priest w/chooser and using 6th powers
Rune Priest w/Living Lightning and Jaws

Arjac Rockfist and the other Wolf guard that go with the squads
Lone Wolf in Terminator Armor w/Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield

3 x 11 Man Grey Hunter Squads all with banner, mark of the wolfen, power fist two special weapons and wolf guard w/power fist and combi weapon.  One squad has two plasmas, a plasma pistol and the guard has a combi plasma.  The other two squads just have two melta guns and and combi meltas
6 Man Grey Hunter Squad w/banner, mark of the wolfen, power fist, melta gun and wolf guard w/fist and combi melta
5 Man Grey Hunter Squad w/melta gun

3 x 5 Man Long Fang Squads 2 w/all missiles 1 w/3 missiles and two plasma cannons

We realized later that him putting Arjac and a wolf guard in one squad was wrong but it really didn't have any affect on the outcome of the game.

We place terrain.  He puts two ruins and a forest in his side one in the back left corner and one in the center. he also puts the forest on the left side straddling the center line on the left side.  I place two ruins on the mid line both near the center. I place my forest on the left side a little back form his.  We place the objectives.  He puts one in the back corner, one just outside of the ruin in the center of his deployment zone and pretty much one in the middle of those two a little forward.  I place mine on in the back of my forest one  in the ruins in the center of the board and one in his forest.

Now all the rolling starts.  He gets move through cover warlord trait and gets prescience and misfortune for his warlord.  My warlord gets -1 ld for fear tests (great just what I wanted lol), he gets +1 wound and IWND for one greater gift, and reroll invulnerable saves for the other (hmm not bad).  He rolls three telepathy powers and ends up with Psychic Shriek, Terrify and Hallucinate.  The Flying Herald gets Prescience, Perfect Timing, and Infernal Gateway.  The Walking herald gets Prescience, Foreboding and Flickering Fire of Tzeentch.  The horrors default to Flickering Fire and the Khorne  Heralds takes and ether blade along with the reaper.  Wow that was a lot of pregame book keeping.  It is also night fight for the first turn.

I win the roll and elect to go first.  The plague bearers go hang out on my objective in the forest on my side of the board.  I out to model them with deck chairs and pina coladas because that is all they are going to do. The horrors and walking herald go in the center, the fiends on the left side, the Keeper between them along with the dogs and the khorne guy,  the screamers and the flying herald go on my right. The soul grinders go behind the fiends and the keeper.  The bloodletters go in deep strike reserve.

He deploys one unit of long fangs in the ruin on my leftalong with the small grey hunter squad.  The other two along with his warlord go to the ruins in the center of his deployment zone, all the grey hunters, the other rune priest and the lone wolf go between the two on the middle objective.  he uses the other 6 man squad as cover to hide his guys behind.  The hounds and herald scout up to the ruins on the left of center.  He attempts to steal and fails.

Daemon Turn One.
Heralds presceince their units.  Everything moves forward.  The Fiends run into the edge of his forest taking two wounds from difficult terrain.  The dogs reshuffle taking a wound from difficult terrain, the keeper comes up next to them.  The grinders move forward.  The horrors move and run onto the objective in the center ruins.  The screamers turbo boost up the right flank to get a charge off on his long fangs next turn.  The plague bearers refill their drinks.  Start of my shooting phase the Chaos Gods want to screw with you table is rolled on.  Up comes an eleven.  I began to chuckle maniacally and Matt wants to know why.  We determine it is the non warlord rune priest who promptly rolls a 15 for his leadership and is dragged screaming into the warp to be replaced by a Herald of Tzeencth with Tzeentch's Fire Storm.  The newly arrived herald then casts this spell on the long fangs in the left ruins killing two of them one then dies from the failed toughness test.  They proceed to fail their morale check and roll eleven for fall back going right off the board.  At this point Matt is banging his head off the wall complaining about this new codex.  Everything but the grinders runs to better spots.  The grinders target the massed grey hunters and do 18 or so wounds and after cover saves killing two.  Oh well Chaos is fickle

Space Wolf Turn One
The warlord presciences his unit of long fangs.  The small Grey Hunter unit moves forward to shoot the new herald.  The other small squad moves forward to shoot the dogs.  All the other grey hunter units shuffle forward.  the lone wolf sees the fiends and begins taking off after them.  In his shooting phase the long fangs who are prescienced fire at the screamers killing only one due to night fight.  The right most grey hunter squad also shoots at them and takes a wound off another.  The other unit splits fire with plasma cannons going on the horrors and the missiles going against the screamers.  He kills two horrors.  The shooting from the small grey hunter squad kills the new herald.  The other small squad puts a wound on a dog. The other two grey hunter squads kill off one of the fiends.  His lone wolf rolls 1,1,2 for his charge distance failing to get to the fiends.  The other 6 man squad rolls 11 for theirs and is able to hit the dogs.  The herald challenges the wolf guard and whiffs.  The wolf guard doing the honorable thing also whiffs.  The dogs kill two and the space wolves kill one dog causing a push.

Daemon Turn 2
Both Heralds cast prescience.  The Keeper hallucinates the left most grey hunter squad.  They roll the just stand there result.  The blood letters come down.  The go in front of the horrors after the scatter 11 inches.  Also only put down 10 of them for some reason forgetting the reaper and four of his buddies.  Maybe the are chilling with the plague bearers.  The horrors shuffle forward getting in range of the right most squad but out of rune weapon range.  The three fiends run by the lone wolf towards the stunned hunters.  The soul grinders  move forward.  The keeper moves forward.  The plague bearers mix up a new round of drinks.  In my shooting phase the warp is calm.  The keeper tries to shriek some grey hunters but is denied.  The horrors and herald crank up seven dice worth of strength 6 hits and do 23 wounds to the grey hunter squad killing two. (Doh!) The disc herald casts gateway and watches it scatter off onto the other long fang squad killing one.  The grinders come up with a repeat display and only manage to kill two more hunters.  The fiends charge the stunned hunters.  The keeper blows his assault roll even with fleet and watches.  The screamers charge into the long fangs losing one more to overwatch.  The fiends manage to kill one hunter.  The herald of khorne finally remembers you use the pointy end of the sword and cuts down the wolf guard.  The dogs kill another two hunters and lose one of theirs in return.  Of course the wolves pass morale.  The screamers and the herald manage to kill two long fangs while losing one of theirs in return for a push.  Not exactly my finest hour....

Space Wolf Turn 2
Hoping to turn the tide the Space Wolves move forward.  The right grey hunter squad moves to help the long fangs entangled in the screamers.  The lone wolf goes to help the stunned hunters.  Arjac's hunters move up to shoot the Keeper. The five man grey hunter squad makes like a plague bearer and moves back into the ruins on to their objective thus ending their involvement in the battle The unengaged long fangs kill four of the blood letters.  Arjac's grey hunter squad lights up the Keeper with massed bolter and melta fire taking a wound off of him.  In come the charges.  The lone wolf smashes another fiend while they manage to kill one more grey hunter.  They pass their instability test.  The screamers manage to kill two more long fangs before they get sent back to the warp by the grey hunters and two remaining long fangs.
The herald of khorne is to busy cutting the head off the dead wolf guard to be bothered with the other space wolves while both the hounds and the hunters whiff.

Daemon Turn 3
The remaining herald casts prescience on his unit. The keeper attempts to hallucinate the lone wolf but fails. He then shrieks at Arjac's hunters rolling a seven on three dice. The 4 remaining blood letters move forward to take revenge for the screamers.  The horrors do the terrain shuffle.  The keeper moves forward to get to grips with Arjac's group.  One plague bearer acts as a DJ and they all do the zombie shuffle on their objective. The horrors light up the grey hunters who killed their screamer buddies knocking them down to four remaining.  One soul grinder runs the other just fires his harvester not wanting to risk a bad scatter.  The blood letters charge in wiping out the one unit of grey hunters losing two of their number due to overwatch and combat.  The lone wolf and the  plasma hunters finally finish off the fiend and move towards the dogs and grinders.  The keeper and arjac fight a challenge while all his mates cheer him on.  They each put a wound on each other.  The herald of khorne finally remembers he is a herald of khorne and finishes off the grey hunters.  Also I rolled a seven again for the warp.

Space Wolf Turn 3
The rune priest casts prescience on him self and the long fangs.  The plasma hunters move towards the hounds and herald.  The lone wolf moves towards the nurgle grinder.  The five man grey hunter squad builds a fire and begins heating up their dog food.  The full strength long fangs target the horrors killing 8 of them.  The other two long fangs choose to target the slaanesh grinder doing nothing.  The plasma hunters send the hounds and the herald back to the warp, losing one plasma gunner in the process.  Arjac and the keeper continue to dance.  The lone wolf and the soul grinder began beating on each other doing nothing.

Daemon Turn 4
The tzeentch herald casts prescience all the Keeper's powers are dispelled.  The Slaanesh grinder moves forward to charge the plasma hunters along with the two remaining blood letters. The plague bearers play a rousing game of kick the nurgling.  The horrors kill the last two long fangs.  The grinder and the blood letters finish off the plasma hunters but both blood letters go down in the process. Both the grinder and the Keeper find the battle stimulating and do not wish to cause or take any wounds.  Once again seven is rolled on the warp table.

Space Wolf Turn 4
Once again the rune priest casts prescience.  The five man squad lies down to take a nap.  The long fangs take down a few more horrors as they go to ground.  The keeper tires of Arjac and finally kills him.  The lone wolf glances the grinder while he takes a wound in return.

Daemon Turn 5
The Keeper forgets to cast anything (dummy).  He takes the challenge of the wolf guard and cuts his head off.  The grinder finally finishes off the lone wolf giving my opponent a victory point, doh!  The plague bearers begin planting mushrooms and fungus in the forest.  Once again I roll a seven on the warp table.

Space Wolf Turn 5
The long fangs kill a few more horrors.  There is about six left and the herald sitting on the objective.  Three grey hunters die but the last two stubbornly hang on.  Time is called.

I have two objectives to his one.  With the double victory points for fast attack he has 10 and I have 6.  We go to the secondary.  I have first blood and line breaker neither has warlord.  I win a minor victory. Yay!

After looking at the battle the performance of some of my units was underwhelming.  The screamers really did nothing.  I used weight of attacks and my opponent made a lot of armor saves but they really did not impress me much.  I think when I substitute a bunch of seekers and a slaanesh herald in for them they will be much better. Also the fiends really did not do much, the jury is still out on them.  I think the hounds and herald will do better they just rolled abysmally.  The horrors also did not do very much.  Of course they were going against space marines but that is who they are most likely to see.  The grinders did their job  but I am not sure I need both of them.  I also need a flying greater daemon so I need to put my lord of change together.  All well back to the drawing board.

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