Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Daemons and such.....
 All right picked up the Daemon codex last week.  As a matter of fact I have been getting them on my iPad so I can drag them with wherever I go.  Picked up the last three that way.  I really wish they would release the 6th edition rule book this way, of course it would probably cost $120...
 Anyway after perusing it I sort of like it and would definitely be interested in running a daemon army.  They do have a few drawbacks.  They sure could use some grenades, they are also a close combat army in a shooting edition and I am going to have to assemble and paint a ton of them (or have a ton of them assembled and painted) and there sure is a ton of random stuff not to mention all the book keeping.  However they are very different than the other army I own right now, Grey Knights.  They can also be very fast which I usually like in all my armies. Finally as I was poking around in the basement I found a box I had got in a trade a while ago full of half assembled and primered daemons.  Bingo!
  As for what I like about the new codex.  I like the Slaanesh units they are fast and cheap and all have rending and a ton of attacks.  I like all the greater daemons, I like soul grinders and they are even pretty decent now.  I can see having a lot of stuff hitting you turn two for some fun with some soul grinders and other things mopping up with some small troop squads coming in later.  Anyway here is what I found in the box assembled that I am going to use in my first battle.  Please remember this is not an optimized list by any means and just what was there.

Keeper of Secrets Level 3 2 x Greater, 1 x Lesser Gifts 270
Karanak 120
Herald of Khorne on Juggernaut, Locus of Wrath, Lesser Gift 135

4 Fiends 140
5 Flamers 115

15 Bloodletters, Banner of Blood, Reaper w/Lesser Gift 185
10 Daemonettes, Alluress w/Lesser Gift 105
20 Pink Horrors 180

5 Hounds of Khorne 80
6 Screamers of Tzeentch 125

Soul Grinder w/Slaanesh, Phlegm 180
Soul Grinder w/Slaanesh, Phlegm 180

I know it isn't the best but I am just interested in seeing how it does.  I may swap out the herald of Khorne for Tzeentch Herald on a disc but will see.  I still have 35 points left to play with.  Hopefully will post a report later this week.

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