Sunday, March 24, 2013

Just trying to move forward with Daemons and thinking about the ATC,

All right have been muddling around with Daemons lately.   I have a few problems with putting a list I like together.  The first is that I found a bucket full of Daemons in the basement.  I know you say usually having a bunch of models is not a problem.  However it is when you don't have everything you want and want to make use if what you have.  I have bunch of flamers and fiends.  I have one painted fiend and 4 unpainted ones.  I would really love to make these work but then I compare five fiends to 15 seekers and I just look at the 60 attacks that the seekers are putting out compared to the 20 that the fiends are putting out.  The same goes for my unit of screamers using 8 at 200 points either gives me 8 str 4 ap 2 attacks or 32 str 4 attacks.  If only the unit was strength 5 I could justify them over the seekers 80 str 3 rending attacks.  Or if even the fiends were strength 5...  Also I have a 5 man unit of dogs with a khorne herald on a jugger painted.  I would really like to make this a 10 man unit.  I feel that they do very well especially with the herald giving everyone +2 attacks on the charge and having furious charge and scout.  I really don't want to use seekers.  That is gonna be the one unit that everyone has in their army.  All right the latest daemon army is:

Keeper of Secrets Level 3 2 x Greater Gifts  260
Herald of Tzeentch Level 3, Exalted Gift on Disc 150
Herald of Khorne on Juggernaut, Locus of Fury, Lesser Gift 125
Herald of Slaanesh on Steed, Exalted Locus, Lesser Gift 100

5 Fiends 175

14 Bloodletters 140
10 Daemonettes 90
10 Horrors 90

10 Khorne Hounds 160
8  Screamers 200

Soul Grinder w/Slaanesh, Phlegm   180
Soul Grinder w/Nurgle, Phlegm 180

1850 Points

Also this week being off work will be a gaming week. Tomorrow I will be trying out an ATC style list designed to take on flyers and daemons.  Just playing around right now.  It probably needs an aegis defense line but will see....

Terminator Inquisitor w/2 Skulls, Level 1 Psyker, Hammer & Psycannon
10 Termies 2 Cannons, 3 Hammers, Ammo
10 Strikes 2 Cannons, 1 Hammer, Ammo
4 Henchmen w/BP & CCW in Razorback w/Ammo
4 Henchmen w/BP & CCW in Razorback w/Ammo
4 Henchmen w/Bolters
Stormraven w/TLAC, TLMM, Hurricane Bolters, Ammo
Stormraven w/TLLC, TLMM
5 Purgation Squad 2 Psycannons, 2 Incinerators in Rhino
Dread w/2 x TLAC, Ammo and Light
Dread w/2 x TLAC, Ammo and Light

2000 Points

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