Thursday, January 13, 2011

40K ATC - Dicehead Siege May 20-22nd


This summer the Siege (annual convention hosted by Dicehead Games in Cleveland, TN) will be hosting a Club Challenge tournament. It's an ETC style event designed to pit the best players from different clubs across the US against each other.

Here are the details at present:

The American Team Championship is where the best of the best will come together to decide who is the #1 Club/Team in North America!
There are many details to be posted and worked out and we will be continually updating this page with all the info as decisions are made.
Here's what we have to date - More Details to Follow Soon!

5 Member Teams.
Every Member on the Team Must use a different Codex Army.

2000 Points per player.
Maximum 1 Special Character per Army List.

6 Games (4 Saturday, 2 Sunday)

No Painting or Composition Scores.
Sportsmanship will be taken into account - more details to follow

Trophies will be given for Best Painted, Best Sportsmanship, Best General, Best Team (each member will be rewarded a trophy) and Best Theme.

Mission(s) are currently being play-tested but will basically be a combination of the Rulebook Missions.

Link to site:

Their are already several well known clubs that are planning to attend. Will be a great gathering of some of the best known 40K players in the US. A great event to get a group of your best buddies together and compete for a two day 6 game slug fest.

C'mon down!

Al Gleason - Team Captain - Blade and Bolter Boyz


Black Blow Fly said...

Looks like the WC might just be in tw0n. I will be heading up teh krewe .. .



Aldonis said...

EXCEPTIONAL! You guys are some of the best all round gamers I know....and damn tough competition.

Gregory said...

I am trying to talk the wife into letting me go so I can show how to really play bikers.... However the needs of the house (new roof, new ac, new stairs may eat up all my discretionary funding)

Aldonis said...

Greg...there is no try - only do!

Good news is that Chattanooga is not very expensive and there is a lot of outdoors type stuff to do in the area (Rock City, Lookout Mountain, several Civil War battle sites, good white water rafting, etc....).

Hope to catch you at Adepticon!

BTW - posted this up on AWC and encouraged them to include you in the team....