Monday, January 10, 2011

Adepticon 2011 - The countdown begins

Well, since the New Year is behind becomes time to start looking forward to my big event of the year - Adepticon. This will be my 4th year attending - 3rd year with my BNB brothers in arms - Ultramarine Revenge of the Smurfs team. Once again I plan on the tri-fecta of 40K gaming - Championship, Team, and Gladiator (unless I make the finals). So - some thoughts on where my heads at for the tournaments.

Championship - after reading the Mission primers - I'm looking forward to playing them. In general you have three equal objectives - whoever can achieve the most wins - with VP's for tie breakers. That's 40K! Love it!

I'm torn on which army I want to bring. Will be playing my Bikes in the team tourney - so for easy of transport (and to minimize the confusion on my simple brain). They can be competitive - but are a little unforgiving. I also have some sweet looking Space Wolves that I'm enjoying playing as well. I think the Wolves have pretty solid chances with the new missions that it looks like Championship is going towards. Still undecided here....

Team - this one is easy. BNB Revenge of the Smurfs Part Tres! The Ultramarines return for a third year - hopefully we get it right this year. Sabote has painted up the troops - they look awesome! Got the board in progress, the trinkets, the shirts, the banner.....hopefully third times the charm. Just gotta win some games!

Gladiator - ah...the awesome-sauce of running into super heavies and stuff you will never face otherwise - in a tourney! I personally enjoy Gladiator - it's purely a shits and giggles tournament for me - just fun. That being said - I want to be as competitive as I can in it. I've played Chaos Nurgle and Eldar in the past - and done well with both. I don't think my Wolves scale well to the Gladiator format unfortunately. I'm actually leaning towards my Ultramarine Biker army for this one. Will wait for the Primer missions before I decide.

So...there we go! Hope to see you all in Chicago in April!


Black Blow Fly said...

Looking forward to seeing ya and Mr. Crew this year.

: )


Gregory said...

Looking forward to seeing you and the boys again this year