Friday, January 7, 2011

New Blog Authors

Well, as you may have noticed - I decided to open my blog up to some of my gaming brothers (and nephews) for posting. Much appreciate the contribution of BikeNinja on the Prospero Burns review - looking for more from him - including pictures of his very nicely done Wolf Army and tactics surrounding it. Also would like to extend my thanks to Corwindal (who is also my nephew - but not by blood!) for his article on Shrike. Corwindal has become one of the better Marine players I know and does very well with his Imperial Fists (including winning a ticket to the GW Tournament of Skulls). Look forward to more from him and hopefully an overview and report from that tourney. Now if Sabote would just get off his lazy arse and start posting. Guess his time in Switzerland has impact his writing ability....or maybe he's just busy painting up the rest of my bikers....

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