Friday, January 7, 2011

Aldonis Plans for 2011 - Tournaments

Man - hard to believe that we are already into 2011! Overall 2010 was a pretty much ok year - but was pretty disappointing to me from a gaming standpoint. Had a lot of fun at tournaments - did ok - but really never felt like I was on my A game very often. Hope to change that some this year. The latter half of the year and how this year is starting - has been a little disappointing. I had planned on making it to 'Da Boyz GT - as it sounded like a lot of fun - and I've got a few gaming buds in their club. Plus one of the wife's best friends lives there - and I could take her and remove some of the sting she feels when I leave her to go on a gaming tournament. Unfortunately, fate and her and my work schedules combined to crush that - still hoping for next year.
This year I had really hoped to attend my buddy BBF's tourney - Bolter Beach - in Sarasota. My wife has a lot of family there, I could stay with them out on Siesta Key (my own little version of paradise in Fl), wife could come along and hang with her family, yadda, yadda, yadda. Then fate kicks in - tournament date gets moved to weekend of daughters birthday and school play - and poof - another plan into the crapper. Sigh...

Well - hopefully I can avoid the curses that have hit me lately for the rest of my plans. I'm currently planning to hit up the Battle for Stones River - a great local tourney here in Murphreesboro in honor of the major civil war battle that happened here. After that - we have Adepticon right around the bend - playing in the Nationals, Team, and Gladiator. Last year our Team took 6th overall - just shy of hitting the awards. Probably my only traveling tournament for the year that's more than a couple hours away.

Following that, I have two more things on my plate. First is the Kalm tournament that my pal George Flowers holds each year in Huntsville, Al. It's truly a blast - very low key - tourney's in a bar - more focused on fun than competition. It's at the end of April. He also holds a Blood Bowl tourney as part of it - hoping to defend my overall title this year.

In May - Dicehead Games (owned by Shane and Mel Grubb - two of the finest folks you'll find in this hobby) is running the Siege convention in Chattanooga. They are hosting the America's Club Challenge - an ETC type team tournament for the different game clubs in North America. Have been intrigued by the format of the tourney - and am really looking forward to playing in this one - representing the Blade and Bolter Boyz.

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