Tuesday, April 10, 2012

AWC Invitational Round 1

My first round match up was against Brian Carlson. Brian is a great player and an even better painter/builder. Brian used to work for GW before he decided he liked money. Brian is bringing his Dark Eldar to Adepticon. You can look at his army at
Brian's List from memory was:
Haemonculus w/webway portal
2 units of 3 true born in venoms w/2 dark lances.
Unit of 6 wracks
Unit of 10 wyches in raider w/stuff
2 units of warriors in venom w/dark lance and maybe splinter cannon
12 Hellions
3 x Beast Squad w/6 Razorwings
2 x Ravager
I have included a picture of his army and the board from his perspective.
The mission had three victory conditions. Primary was kill points, the other two were objectives in all four quarter in the center of each and destroy the most expensive unit. (His were the Hellions mine was Mordrak and friends.) As a side note in order to decrease ties the primary objective was weighted more. In case of a tie the primary was considered paramount to the other 2. In case of true tie it would go to victory points. Deployment was the old corner style. The table was covered with 25% terrain with a big piece in the center. Brian one roll and decided to go first. He took the corner to my left. I rolled a 5 for grand strategy and everyone became scoring who could. Brian deployed everything but his beasts in the center of his deployment zone. I deploy the purifiers in their rhino to my right behind terrain on top of an objective, everything else will deep strike on but the interceptors. Mordrak, the librarian and the dread will go together in the raven.
Brian's Turn 1
He moves his wyche raider with the haemonculus in it some ludicrous speed to the other side of the line of site blocking terrain everything moves to get a cover save.
One objective each KP 0-0
My Turn 1
I go get a drink.
One objective each KP 0-0
Brian's Turn 2
One of his beast groups comes on. Has to come on from his board edge. The Haemo jumps out and deploys the portal. Everything else jockeys around to get cover once again. His hellions and the baron along with one warrior squad and the wracks camp in the ruins in his deployment zone on top of an objective in the upper left corner to me. The trueborn with dark lances hope in the ruins across form the big terrain piece. Thier venoms head towards the purifiers. The two ravagers hide behind the center terrain. The bomber is in the upper right corner. The warriors in their raider cruise right by the bomber. The wyche raider shoots at the purifier rhino. The other warrior raider also shoots a the rhino but I pass both cover saves.
Objectives DE 2 GK 1 KP DE 0 GK 0
My Turn 2
Only the termies come in the deep strike almost off the board edge. I tried to place them behind the purifiers. This looks bad for them. The shoot a venom and kill it. The purifiers shoot at the wyche raider and do nothing.
Objectives DE 2 GK 1 KP DE 0 GK 1
Brian's Turn 3
The other two beasts come in via the portal. Everything looks at the termies. Terminators die in a hail of dark matter and shurikens. The bomber was especially effective at killing termies with those stupid missiles and no scatter. The Haemo gets back in with the wyches. The raiders shoot at the rhino but miss.
Objectives DE 2 GK 1 KP DE 1 GK 1
My Turn 3
Everything else comes on. The Raven comes on opposite the big piece of terrain next to the wyche ravager. The strikes deep strike in between the raven and the purifiers. The interceptors come in alongside them. Mordrak and the librarian disembark and the dread also hops off. The shooting begins. The purifiers shoot one of the beast squads. The stormraven takes a dark lance off one of the ravagers. The dread lights up another one of the beast squads. Mordrak and the libby down the ravager with the help of warp rift and some incredible stormbolter fire. The strikes stun another ravager while the interceptors are out of range of their target. In assault the dread hammers the beasts while taking no damage, they flee and are destroyed (actually was two bases left but they would be unable to rally). Mordrak and the boys put a hurting on the wyches but stay locked in combat. The purifiers put a whupping on the other beasts and kill a few causing them to break and run away.
Objectives DE 2 GK 0 KP DE 1 GK 3
Brian's Turn 4
Brian's Fire has been a little neutered this round. However his fleeing beast squad rallies and links up with the other beasts. His one far right raider full of boys goes up and heads for the upper right objective. He shoots a few things and moves his ravagers around. He is able to stun my Raven. the beasts get ready to assault the poor strikes. In assault Mordrak and the boys finish off the wyches and haemoculus, the dread finishes the one beast squad, The strikes kill a few more beast master squads and lose a bunch of guys, but hold
Objectives DE 2 GK 1 KP DE 1 GK 6
My Turn 4.
Mordrak and the Knights head towards the big center piece of terrain. The storm raven shakes off the stunning. The dread begins stomping towards the upper right corner objective. The purifiers move to help the beleaguered strikes. The interceptors shuffle towards the middle terrain piece. The interceptors down a ravager. The dread shoots a venom down. The purifiers and strikes finish off the beasts but at a terrible cost. I believe two purifiers and two strikes remain,
Objectives DE 2 GK 0 KP DE 1 GK 10
Brian's Turn 5
Brian knows he has to kill off Mordrak if he wants to win. I am ahead on kill points he will likely take objectives and right now our two biggest units are hiding. He shoots just about everything at the Ghost knights in cover that can see them. He also moves the wrack squad that was skulking in a borrowed raider to the objective in the closest left corner. His shooting sees the raven die, the dread get stunned the purifiers die and the interceptors get mowed down to five.
Objectives DE 3 GK 0 KP DE 3 GK 10
My Turn 5
As an aside I thought I was going to lose as neither Brian or I read the part about the primary objective being paramount. I needed to go for the win. I sent the the interceptors shunting to deal with the wracks. The dread stomped towards the other objective. The remaining strikes cower in the purifiers rhino to claim the objective in my right corner. Mordrak and the boys shuffle around in the terrain. The interceptors kill the borrowed raider, The dread kills the other raider. He needs a 5 or 6 to get through it and assault the warrior squad. He doesn't make it.
Objectives DE 2 GK 1 KP DE 3 GK 12
Brian rolls for random game length and it comes up a two the game ends..
At this point I figure I have lost. I have given up a lot of victory points. After adding it up three times I come out like 23 points ahead. After we turn in our results the TO informs us of the primary mission rule which gives me the solid win. Next up is Mitch Tucker and Eldar Flying Circus.

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