Tuesday, April 17, 2012

AWC Invitational Round 3

All right I had made it to the semi finals. I had drawn a tough match up in Jordan Nach. He was playing a leaf blower IG. His guns out ranged me and there were more of them. He was also much more mobile than me. His list from memory was:
Company Command Squad w/Astropath and 4 flamers chimera
Psyker Battle Squad in chimera
Platoon Command Squad w/4 plasma guns chimera
3 x infantry platoon w/melta gun and autocannon chimera
veterans w/plasma
veterans w/melta
storm troopers w/plasma in chimera
storm troopers w/melta in chimera
3 x vendetta w/3 las cannons and neavy bolters

Man what a lot of $%^&@ plasma and melta. Hmm not good. Anyway on to the mission. The set up was to be spearhead. The primary mission was to be to have less of you units in your deployment zone than your opponent. As an add in if you kept an infantry unit next to an immobilized vehicle for one turn you could scuttle your own vehicles. The second was kill you opponents highest point HQ and the third was seize ground with 5 objectives.
Objectives are place pretty much equally around the board. I roll for Grand Strategy and get a 5 making everything scoring. I win the roll and make him go first. He sets up everything in his deployment zone on my far left except for the two stormtrooper units which will outflank. I reserve everything keeping Mordrak and the libby in the raven with the dread. I figure neither of us can stop each other from getting out of our deployment zones. Getting his commander behind all the chimeras will prove difficult. Maybe I can beat him on objectives.
His Turn 1
He scouts forward with vendettas moves everything 12"
My Turn 1
Sound of crickets chirping
His Turn 2
Once again everything moves 12" to get out of his deployment zone. His plasma storm troopers come on the right side. Everything pops smoke. On my left opposite my deployment zone he has a vendetta with plasma vets, the manticore, chimera of troops and a chimera of vets.
My Turn 2
I get everything I think except for terminators. I move on in my left quadrant. I gamble figuring he split his army maybe I can hammer that and then deal with the rest piece meal. I get everyone out and prepare to blast the traitor IG to bits. Funny thing I do not kill anything. The librarian perils his rift. Everyone else either misses or Jordan makes at least ten straight cover saves. The only hit that goes through immobilizes the manticore.
His Turn 3
The retaliation is brutal. There is really no reason to finish this report. In turn three he kills the raven, the dread, the purifiers rhino, some interceptors, some strikes and two ghost knights causing them to run off the board after they had been hit by the stupid psyker battle squad power (through the reinforced aegis no less). The rest of the game consists of me trying to keep my guys alive to take objectives but his vendettas circle me like sharks just out of my reach and chew all my squads down. Oh well sometimes the emperor is busy elsewhere.........

Well on to the consolation game. At least I won't have to play Alan's ork horde, but wait what? He lost I get to play him in the third place game greeeaaaattt

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