Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What to take to Adepticon......

All right have had events conspire to deny me the army list I want to take to Adepticon. I wanted to take my Mordrak list with a few changes. However the guy who does my painting Dan at Brush Division mother is sick (he does excellent work by the way if you need something painted) and in the hospital. My children have obviously contracted some sort of plague over the last week. Nothing like trying to put an IV in a 4 year old because she is dehydrated. I am pretty sure I would rather take a marble out of a fishbowl or razor blades than do that again. And to top it all off I have to work the 24 hours before the Championships. Plus everyone and his kid brother will be playing Grey Knights so if I can't be different I am going to be doing something else. So with that in mind I need to turn to an army that I have painted and display based already....
What I have ready now is a huge base of space marines. I can use them as space marines, blood angels, dark angels, biker marines, ravenwing and deathwing. What I am going to go with is Deathwing. I have used Deathwing before and know how they work. Plus I feel they do better at most of the match ups I will see at Adepticon. They hold their own against IG, Wolves and BA. They can do reasonably well against DE and GK. The biggest problem I foresee is horde orks or nids. They just do not have enough volume shooting to be able to handle them. Also I am not a big fan of putting claws on the terminator squads as it decreases their save too much against all the melta and plasma we will see at Adepticon. I would take a crusader but unfortunately my son was playing it and it had an "accident." Anyway with that in mind here is the list I am going with

Belial w/twin lighting claws
Chaplain in terminator armor
Command Squad all w/TH & SS, CML, Apothecary & Banner
3 x Deathwing Squad all w/TH & SS, CML
10 Man Tactical Squad w/Missile Launcher & Flamer
2 x Ravenwing Typhoon w/Multimelta
Land Raider

I gave Belial claws as my one concession to hordes. I figure he and the chaplain (who I am taking just because he has a bad ass model) will have 12 attacks at int 5 rerolling misses with half rerolling wounds. Hopefully that will be enough to whittle down some squads to manageable levels. I figure this has enough shooting to deal with DE skimmers, chimeras/vendettas and rhinos/razorbacks. Plus it is finished and I have the display board and objectives done. Oh well the best laid plans go awry. See you at Adepticon!

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Bikeninja said...

Working 24 hours before the Championships....you get to sleep, cook dinner, hangout watching the big screen until the occasional wreck happens...hehehe....whats the problem;). Here is hoping no disasters happen and you guys get stuck out. By the way....I have some Nashville Fire Dept stuff for you when I get up there.

Stay Safe.